No Footwalk on footpath please!

Posted by Akash Verma
August 27, 2017

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Delhi’s emmerging population and increase in interstate migrants to Delhi is a big cause of concern. Increase in unemployment rates and lack of jobs urges people to go for microscale buisness of street vending. Today I am going to talk about some concerns related to street vending.

Lack of space for pedestrianians cause more road accidents which can be prevented by taking some small steps. Delhi lack footpaths for foot walkers and if at some places we have footpaths, we still are restricted to use roads for walking as the space of footpaths are occupied by street vendors.

From cheap cloths to affordable food, these provide everything a person may get attracted to while walking on roads. One more thing they provide you is risk of getting an unexpected road accident.

A street vendor on foot path in Delhi.

It will not be logical to say that shops of these vendors should encroached and they should be left on their own fate. Living of more than 200000 delhities depends on these microscale businesses. But something must be done to increase the safety for pedestrianians.

Road safety is not the only concern. These vendors increases the roadside littering and hence effects the cleanliness and sanitation of city. Moreover these also cause increase in traffic jam which ultimately leads to interruption in public and emergency services.

Possible solution includes cooperation of Delhi government with police and urban planning department for setting up a safe and efficient place to these vendors so that they don’t have to reside on foot paths and suffer from illegal charges demanded from them. Setting up a small microscale market at every possible place and charging a nominal charge to these vendors will increase transparency, revenue and public safety on road.

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