Posted by Alekhya Boppudi
August 23, 2017


There is some or the other incident of sexism happening around the world for the time being. Sexism is not happening because people are educated and they don’t practice sexism.  Each and every girl or a woman is facing the incident of sexism which may look as a small moment of inconvenience for her in life as she might be facing many times or even every day. If a girl walks on the road, a group of teenagers follow her and pass the abusive comments, but the society questions the girl that why she walked alone on the road without a companion. A guy can stalk a girl on social networking sites, but again it’s the girl who has to answer the questions for using the social networking sites. When a girl wears dresses of her choice which are trendy or modern, again the society owes her disrespect. If a woman working in a company and if the boss of her sends mails of his sexual fantasies but when she get reversed against him, what is she left with except a letter of termination from the job. When a woman gets into a bus, again the intentional touches by a man where he showcases the touch as an accident. When she is moving out of a café, the seizure of the hand of a girl for teasing and refuse to let her go by the encouragement of his co- team of stereotypes. I thought I only face incidents which look so little, but when I asked my friends whether they had any incidents of this kind; I got realized that it’s not the problem of one girl but every woman.

Indian Subcontinent is the place for one of the parts of world’s earliest civilization, where the Rig-Veda says that women were equally treated with men and were respected. When our ancestors treated women equally and used to respect them where they had no education and broad mindedness that we are having; but where is the respect we are giving for women in our generation. People always live in speculation that education makes a person open minded for taking up the narrow situations broadly that are happening in society. But then is it truly happening with the so called educated society. I had come across with an incident where an IIM graduate denied her wife from wearing attire of her own after marriage where he stopped her from doing job. There are special laws to protect the woman from getting harassed in the workplace even the workplace is surrounded with educated persons. The point with the education system and its purpose is not being served when the people can’t apply the lessons they had learnt in the real life.

There are many incidents in my life too where my teachers asked me to wear full body covered clothes in my school. This is a particular incident in a metropolitan city where I asked a ticket for the journey for myself in the ticket counter, the person sitting in the counter looked behind me and asked me “are you going alone madam without any companion?”. I thought why I can’t go alone when my male co-passenger of my age is going alone. Why a girl can’t travel alone and why she can’t clothes of her own choice. This is not only situation in the offices or bus stations but also in schools and colleges where they are the main centres of learning. When I heard incidents from my friends that the authorities of the college ordering girls not to go out of the campus after 10.p.m or not allowing them to talk with boys and making them bound to wear full length clothes, I was in a dilemma whether the authorities are maintaining discipline or discrimination against girls. In a residential campus, the boys are free to roam at whatever time they want they can wear boxers and ram freely but why the restrictions on girls.

If this convention continues, there is no point in getting educated. But there should be change in convention where a day comes when people come across the word sexism in history.

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