Online Voting is Key to increasing Millennial Turnout

Posted by Fahim Anvar
August 15, 2017

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Our generation is cynical and stressed out, spreading away from our home constituencies, and dealing with a massive level of competition just to make a decent living.
We don’t necessarily need voting to be fun, but we’d like it to be current.
Voting rights, in a convenient form, may soon be given to NRIs allowing them to vote from their resident countries through an E portal. Extending the same facility as an alternative to the general public will definitely increase voter turnout.

An app for voting and even voter registration, like the well accepted BHIM app, can be developed by the government in association with non-profit organisations and NGOs. A combination of the quickly proliferating Aadhaar card and Voter ID can be used for verification while voting.
Yes, it will take increased online security and advanced facilities. But millennials are more enlightened and aware than ever before. We’re willing to help. To work for India and not contribute to brain drain. We definitely aren’t lacking in relevant information.

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