I Was Fired From Samsung For Complaining Against Harassment

Posted by Prerana Singh in Mental Health, My Story, Video
August 18, 2017

Hi. I am Prerana Singh. I was working in the Noida branch of Samsung India when these incidents happened. They took place on August 9, when I was busy with some work at the office. My HR, Upasana Nagpal, pinged me asking for a meeting. There, they informed me that they don’t require my service anymore. As I had filed a mental harassment case against my managers (Moolchand Tyagi and Vijay Solanki) and HRs (Prerna Kochhar and Amulya Sah) with valid proof and they had nothing to use against me, these people decided to do this to me.

Not only did they illegally terminate me, they humiliated me in every possible manner.

Female security guards were sent to fetch me, while I was still in shock and crying in the washroom. They threatened to break down the door if I didn’t come out. They pulled me out of the washroom and told me that I couldn’t stay for a minute longer. They asked me to pack my bags and leave the premises immediately.

The HR told my manager to dislocate the whole team so that nobody would interfere. But he refused to do so, and wanted everyone to witness what was happening with me.

A heinous crime like this was committed by such a big Institute – Samsung R&D Institute, Noida.

This was not the end. When I reported to Sector 58 SHO, he abused and physically assaulted my friend and me. He even snatched my phone when I tried to record this.

An FIR was finally lodged on August 12 due to all the support I received over two days. Lots of good people came forward to help.

I need your help to spread this message to as many people as possible, to make them aware of how these people treat a lady. How they manhandled, misbehaved with, and threatened a helpless girl who tried to fight against the rampant culture of favouritism prevalent in the private sector, where a manager & HR decide to promote their favourite candidate and demote anyone who doesn’t fall in line.

I started this all alone and will end it too, but spreading this message might help me get the justice that I deserve, and punish those involved in these incidents.

Editor’s Note: YKA is in possession of documents that verify the author’s termination from the job on August 9. In its termination letter, Samsung did not provide a reason for the author’s termination. However, in a report submitted to the police by the company in April, against a complaint made by the author to them alleging mental harassment, the company requested her complaint be dismissed because everything was done “as per company policy”. Despite repeated attempts, Samsung could not be reached for comments. We will update the article if and when we receive a response from Samsung.

The police refused to comment on the author’s alleged harassment at the hands of the SHO on August 9.