‘Politically’ Correct

Posted by Diya_k
August 17, 2017

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In the age of social awareness, where we are ‘accepting’ of all body types, races and sexual orientations, I ask myself, Have we really reached this pinnacle of acceptance? Or are we just kidding ourselves? On one hand, we have social media activists and film makers and social development organisations that strive towards sending social messages and condemning acts of discrimination. You can’t get away with public racism or sexism anymore, you have to be ‘politically’ correct.

But try this exercise, tune out all the social norms and this current wave of correctness, how do you feel ,as a woman, walking on dark streets at night? How do you feel when a man in a beard speaks aggressively in an unknown language? I am in no way suggesting that discrimination on superficial grounds is acceptable; I am simply contemplating the purpose of being politically correct.

What is the point of sending out inspirational messages on acceptance if deep down we are afraid? Who are we putting up this facade for? I’m not asking you to give in to the hate, I’m asking you to uncover it and open conversation. Come out of the intimidating shadows of feigned acceptance, identify your fears and beliefs, and truly work on them.

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