Posted by Akanksha Jha
August 14, 2017

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How does one look gay? Is it by wearing a pink shirt? How does one look straight? Is it be wearing a Calvin Klein underwear?

Why are boys who are not gay referred to as normal? Excuse me, but being gay is normal too.

No, ma’am they don’t bite and turn your son, they aren’t vampires. It’s not any contagious disease, it will not affect your son; you can let them be friends. He won’t force your child into being ‘gay’

No, he won’t have a crush on you bro if you shake hands. You can wear your shirt, he won’t think of you as a lesbian, and no she doesn’t hit on me just because we work together.

Why don’t we guys get it? BEING GAY IS NOTHING WORNG. BEING A GIRL AND LIKING ANOTHER GIRL IN NOTHING WRONG. You are still perfect. You are still wonderful. You are still human. You are still what everyone else is, normal.

Being straight doesn’t make you more of a human. Being part of the LGBT community doesn’t make you any less of a human. But why do we need a different community for the safe keeping of their rights? Why can’t we just include them in ours? Why is there any community? Why do we need a community at all?  Why can’t we just get over all this immensely hype drama and accept them for once and for all? Why do they have to fight for their basic rights, just because they have different liking preferences? Wow government, well done. So much for being in a country that is celebrating its 76th year of independence with so much pride, huh?

How many times have you heard a guy in black shirt ask you “Hey, bro am I looking straight in this?” Probably never right? And how many times have you told your boyfriend not to wear the pink shirt because it looks gay? Excuse me, how do you categorize between colors which make you look straight and those which don’t?

Why is same sex marriage not legal in India, yet? How are we a developing nation, if we cant even marry whom we want. Some say it does not create family but sterile unions. Like adoption is not an option right? Like two dads cant love a kid enough but one widower can. Its pretty funny how everything works around here, you want to give us freedom but then you are too scared to actually make us free.

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