Private Home Tutor Vs Tuition

Posted by Mukesh Mahe
August 10, 2017

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It is the most known reality that the higher education and job situation in the country faces a huge competition. When it comes to enabling their kid to gain a better edge over other students, parents do not want to leave any stone unturned. Most students these days take up tuition classes to gain a better understanding of educational concepts and improving their performance at school.

Nowadays, it is rare to find children, in class 9 or 10 not attending tuition classes these days. The most popular question that most parents and students have when it comes to tuition classes is to choose a home tuition or to visit a tuition center or coaching classes. When it comes to arriving at the decision between these two options, it is better to consider the pros and cons of both these options, such that decision making will become easier:

Coaching centers or tuition centers:

The best thing about coaching center is that they offer classroom environment with a tutor handling many students. When it comes to preparing for competitive examinations, coaching centers have gained utmost popularity these days. Also, coaching centers conduct tests on a regular basis similar to the actual examination setting, thereby boosting the confidence level in students in facing the examination. Let us explore the pros and cons of coaching centers here:

Pros of coaching centers:

  • Easy to verify credentials: As many students attend coaching centers, it is easier for parents to get feedback from the past and present students before enrolling their child in any coaching center. The authenticity of the center can be easily verified before enrolling the kid.
  • Lesser monotony: Coaching centers generally offer a vibrant place to learn with children from different social and educational background to attend classes. As the children will get the opportunity to interact with other kids, there is a lesser chance for monotony.
  • Group studies: Peer-to-peer studies are possible when it comes to studying in a tuition center as against a home tuition. When there are other students around, every student will be motivated to work harder to perform better than peers.

Cons of tuition centers:

The fundamental demerit associated with coaching center is that there are many students per tutor. This means that the child will get limited personal attention. Some students will be hesitant about raising their voice in the presence of many students. This is an issue faced by some students with coaching or tuition center.

How about home tuitions?

Home tuition is one in which either the student or the teacher visits the other person’s house. This means that the child will be able to get personal attention, which is not possible in coaching centers. Now, let us explore the pros and cons of home tuitions.

Pros of home tuitions:

  • Personalized attention: Home tuitions involve one-to-one interaction between the tutor and the student. This sort of personalized attention provides the opportunity for the tutor to understand the weak areas of the student, such that better training can be provided on those weak areas, thereby helping with his/her betterment.
  • Comfortable learning environment: In the case introvert children, who are hesitant in getting clarifications for doubts in front of others, they will find home tuition to be a comfortable option as against tuition centers.
  • Progress can be monitored easily: As the student gets individual attention, the tutor can monitor the progress of the student in an easy manner in a home tuition as against a coaching center:

Cons of home tuition:

Home tuition is something monotonous as the student will be alone. Furthermore, as against a tuition center, the cost of home tuitions will be higher for parents to manage. In addition, a home tuition cannot be the ideal choice for students preparing for competitive examinations.


Comparing the merits and demerits of both these options, most students choose coaching center training as the better choice as against home tuition. So, coaching centers are the best choice as against private tuitions at home.

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