Progressive Films about Young Women

Posted by Gayle Kimball
August 25, 2017

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Please add to this list of films that show independent young women:


Recent films portray women who aren’t victims or sexual temptresses: The World Before Her (2012) documents the lives of two young women, one a militant Hindu nationalist and one a beauty contestant. In Kahaani (2012) the heroine searches by herself for her missing husband in Kolkata. The Bollywood film Queen (2014) tells the story of Rani who is dumped by her finance before their wedding, so she goes on her honeymoon by herself. Mary Kom (2014) is about an actual female Olympic medal-winning boxer. Blogger Vashnavi (age 16) reported that Bollywood is “taking a stand for gender equality by recognizing gender as a spectrum rather than binary,” as in a 2016 film called Ki and Ka where the male wants to be a househusband rather than have the pressure of a career. He becomes famous on media due to his unconventional role, but ends up becoming the CEO of his father’s company. Also, a coming of age film called Margarita with a Straw explores a teenager’s bisexuality: She uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. Despite the success of films with female main characters as more women are employed and have money to spend on films they can relate to, actresses still earn much less than actors.

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