Psychological well being and stigma attached to it : Help!

Posted by Annu Pandey
August 1, 2017

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Any mental or psychological illness is curable.Majority of population has psychological ormental health problems,  in fact they are more prevalent than physical health problems. But the stigma attached to it leads to the ignorance.

Somewhere,if one is suggested to seek therapist, they would rather pretend to be normal in order to avoid the awkwardness to accept the truth.

Somewhere someone else shows courage to tell people that they need to get therapy,in order to be able to lead a normal day to day life,they they will be ignorantly,insensitivity told,”don’t think like that,it’s just a phase,focus on work,make career, do this, do that, there is nothing like that, etc.

Even a mild cough and cold is taken more seriously than fatal psychological problems. Not only by patient but well wishers.In some cases it is seen that even the chronic psychiatric issues are taken lightly due to ostracism.

Psychological/emotional/mental health issues can make a deep impact on ones life.Because after all from smallest to biggest decision of life are based on:-
How and what we think and feel?
What is our mood during most of the time?
What are our fears, worries,phobias?
How we react to situations and people?

Our psychology determines the chore areas of our life,like relationships, career, parenting,social circle, etc.If we discuss these one by one:-

Relationships further impact one’s emotional and psychological well being.
Career,also impacts things like confidence level,future security, mood etc.
Parenting is most important and serious issues which decides our contribution to the next (and further next) generation. It is found by researchers that the parents with psychological disorders cannot provide healthy environment for their kids and not only negatively affect the behaviour and personality of their kids but also raise them into adults with further similar or other disorders hence keeping the cycle going on.

Similarly social circle is picked as per the mood,behaviour, thought process, and other mental conditions and a wrong or dysfunctional social circle further worsens the issues.

We need more awareness on this issue by fighting the stigma,by supporting,not judging ,nor underestimating the seriousness,not hiding oneself’s such issues and openly talking about it.

Last but not the least, counselors and clinical psychologist charge very huge fees. Our government needs to provide cheap facilities and should have some helplines.

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