Pune university : A (destructive) Educational Hub?

Posted by Riddhi Joshi
August 24, 2017

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I graduated from the prestigious Pune University.

After studying for 5 years at this University I can surely answer, why the ‘Oxford of the East’ is no longer one. Undoubtedly, there are really good professors. But, I can’t say that about the administrative staff. It’s a perfect example of how an administrative staff should not be. It’s a complete portrayal of mismanagement.

It is no secret that the students are barely given any information about the exact result dates, exam dates or even the admission dates. Apart from that, the staff is highly irresponsible and ignorant when it comes to answering phone calls.

The departments of engineering, medical science etc, have always been at the top of the University. They are well provided for and have satisfactory facilities. On the other hand, the arts stream is a real meat and potatoes deal.

About two and a half months ago, the Graduation results came out. I was in utter disbelief that I could not clear a specific subject, despite of preparing very well for it. I applied for verification and revaluation of marks in the hope of better results. On applying for the same, I had to wait for about a month for my application to be accepted and for me to receive the answer sheet on my Email. In such cases, a grant for provisional admission comes to the rescue of the students and they hope to get benefits from this move. If the student fails to perform, the admission unquestionably gets cancelled. This is intended to prevent the loss of one whole academic year of the respective students.
On reaching the office for an enquiry, one of the employees found it worthless to even look at my face while answering my doubts. He found playing a Candy crush game on Facebook far more important than my problem. A similar scenario was to be seen on the upper floor where all the employees had gathered around one table only to watch a video (coz you know, FREE Wifi kasha sathi asta) about the women in Saudi Arabia. WOW.
Allegedly, the provisional admission is ONLY limited to the Engineering , Medical or maybe for the students from some alternative branches, as mentioned earlier.
In my case, I was not provided with any such facility as I wanted an admission for pursuing MA in German Language. Evidently the reason behind this is, that the students are expected to pay 10% of the annual fees at the time of provisional admission and the rest can be paid after scoring the passing marks. As the fees for Masters in German Language costs not more than 2k, what amount of profit will be secured by the University after taking so much ‘efforts’ of providing me with the admission?

Coming to the objective of writing this Review, I am puzzled, whether this whole arrangement is made in the interest of the pupils or has the University just become a money minting Establishment which seeks profit in maximum ways possible? Does the University genuinely has any sort of concern about the students or no? If yes, why are the students from Arts stream denied this opportunity? Isn’t our academic year equally important as everyone else’s?
In the meantime, after the Revaluation process 20 marks were miraculously added to my total, which made me earn the Degree.
But, the admission dates for my PG had already been done with, resulting in a set back of a year for my academic progress.

Isn’t this scenario unjust ? Why should I pay for someone else’s irresponsibleness? What right do the examiners have to detain a fully deserving Answer sheet? Who gave them the right to collapse the future plans of the students? And most importantly – Who is to be held guilty for this? On the contrary, I consider this examiner totally ineligible and unfit for correcting the Graduation papers. A person who is negligent enough to detain a student with no reason is too unsuitable to be employed at such a position.

Suchtype of mismanagement is the core reason for majority of the esteemed Colleges to be Autonomous nowadays.

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