Quantity of Independence

Posted by Vanshu Narula
August 15, 2017

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Happy independence day to every Indian!! Today years have been completed and We are free. Now, I have a question! Freedom from any intruder really means Independence? Think wisely !! Today I have read a news A girl of 12 has been raped in Chandigarh as a gift of her independence even Today !! we have many instances in India like “Spitting on walls, Cruelity on Animals, Judging someone by their clothes, Body Shaming, Disrespecting National flag (after 16th August) , Eve teasing  (because she must be an alien), Mootr-Visarjan on walls or somewhere  ( ofcourse,it’s not your home) . We are Happy today and wishing a happy independence day to everyone but we as a citizen of a country must also think about present rather than being satisfied by our past victory from slavery, though celebration is not an issue but one must also consider the present situation of their environment. Let me elaborate you!! Are we all free from Poverty? From inequality  (rich people suppressing poor, ofcourse because Poor people are dirty) of color, caste, even gender (yes, because she is not a gender like males), unemployment, eve teasing, and this list will never end. Try to seek freedom from all these evils. And then celebrate your victory with everyone. Never forget the struggle of our Indian army, their families, their kids, citizens who fought to free the country. You are celebrating today because of them who are struggling their sleeps, nights, luxury life by not having adequate food without their families, Day and night walking continuously ,heavy guns in their hands and sacrificing their blood . So as a citizen you must also have a concern to fight these threats. Instead of thinking Social media posts captions, one must think alternatives to fight against the barriers of development.

Vande Matram!! JAI HIND !


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