Questioning my Integrity?

Posted by Niten Chhetrii
August 10, 2017

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Word has it since yore days that once a leader etches prerogatives, there’s a potential claim of an absolutism. 

People fighting for identity and a separate statehood.
A story of a mass of people. Bringing democracy into limelight.

A town of Eden and affluence on its feet. A seasons of ardency and sighing tranquility of sheer delight. Such is the place that I take pride in to be born. I was born and bred,nourished in this soil yet why I feel my self-identity is like a cloak of invisibility?

Questioning my existence…Am I a potential terrorist? Am I violating legal rights? Am I building secessionism?

Do I need to cut off my throat and show that I bleed red just like thou does?

For many good old times Darjeeling was a peaceful place. We all try to live a happy life-with regards for religion,caste,creed,race,communty. Yet perceiving such inhumane act of defiance by our own chief of state- violating the written constitutional works,no sense of sympathy and proving herself to be an epitome of disgrace not only as the head but as a woman,as a human being,baffles me a lot.

Her prerogative and deliberate linguistic imperialism toward the naive and generous people of Darjeeling made the situation coarse.

I,as a Gorkha by blood and an Indian Pride,why should I and my people suffer against the chauvinistic evaluation and  false justification?

The story of apartheid and identity crisis goes far beyond than my imagination. It is not only me but also my people who struggles when we move in to other parts of Bengal.

I’ve seen and heard ’bout woe stories that people in the hills face.

I’m currently in Kolkata for educational purpose. So why I came this far just for my education?
Because Darjeeling is still in a developmental delay. And part of the price I’ve had to face is racism and people in other parts of Bengal still goofing on and ridiculing us. For instance;

“Hey,are you from Northeast or Bhutan? Or,

Hey,chinky minky,momo. A guard,salam saheb!”

Such lewd statements have always been there which Gorkhas ought not to bear still does,anyway.

People there in Darjeeling is showing no signs of despair considering the fact that now many of the souls are in the parallel world,inconvenience of food supply,powers have been cut down and yawp of outcries. Notwithstanding their absolute resilience and how the tables have been turned against the head,
the “trying to burn and segregate” by the CM made a turning point in what I call “fuel to the fire and class consciousness”

HEART OF THE MATTER is that Darjeeling is still breathing and will be perpetual until it get its desired fruit,i.e Gorkhaland. It is not only just about development (which in a sense is necessary),but also to earn an identity.

One of the fact which gives me a sour taste is that what if we eventually get Gorkhaland,after not highly thinking of us(Gorkhas),after discrimination, after the seeds are sowed and the deeds are done…Will thou live a happy life? What will happen to the economy of West Bengal? Will the London of Asia still be designated as London?

Gorkhaland for me and my people is a prerequisite.
Only for the monopoly and manifesto by the political leaders to keep in mind. But for now the ramification is still poetic and rhetorical in question.

May the ones who lost their life’s find a way and may the ones who’s traumatized by losing their beloved find a hope.


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