Posted by Karnika Pagaria
August 27, 2017

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Still you say, being beautiful is being white, yes most of you do. Even after so many efforts of revolutionaries and other concerned men people still tend to discriminate on the basis of black and white. If a mother starts looking for a girl for her son, first thing she wants is a girl who is fair and white. And interestingly, racism goes hand in hand with sexism. People do not really discriminate on the basis of colour incase of men but they do when it comes to women. That statement simply implies what happens in majority but that does not indicate that it is not happening with males. I wonder why do we live in a society where your skin colour defines your beauty or personality.
I have seen educated youngsters not treating dark people equally. When people who are educated do it then we cannot just talk about the large portion of uneducated society. Guys or girls who are dark are teased restlessly by others.
Me writing about this issue won’t really make a change but I just hope that people who come across this do think about it. Discriminating on the basis of physical appearance is very rude and harsh. The ones who have not faced it are really very lucky but the ones who have faced it, I can assume what it feels like (doesn’t mean I have faced it but the grief in general because I personally have come across one such case of a dear one and so I wanted to write about it). Most importantly those who are victims, they never complain rather they just get humiliated from within because they fear nobody will understand them. They cry internally and still pretend that they don’t care.
Is this the kind of society we are aiming for? And this is something which we as humans need to bring in on our own. Our society might be at the epitome of achieving its other goals but it is miserably failing at achieving humanity. Also this time we cannot even blame our government for things not working out because legally we have been provided with so many remedies to prevent such discrimination. But we simply cannot go to court for everytime someone teases though we can but it doesn’t sound practical. What sounds more practical and fundamental is changing our mindsets which I agree cannot happen in a day or two but at least when we start to, we can make it happen someday.

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