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August 11, 2017

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The word “self-defense” generally leads towards defending once body from a particular physical attack with a couple of punches, kicks, throws, etc.  self-defense further may be classified as “Action done against any of the intuitions of any threats, accidents occurred automatically”

Learning “self-defense” in the form of Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kalaripayattu etc, can be useful to make yourself defensive up to some extent.  Most important are how you train yourself and your consciousness through proper meditation and self confidence building programs, one will get enough confidence to face the crisis whether it is manmade of natural.

Often we listen in TV news channels that so-and-so was picked up on her way to home and was molested badly resulting in her death.  Many ask, what was she doing at late night? Why she was traveling alone? …… Funny isn’t it ? Has anybody thought that the girl was the only earning member of her family ! If her father is alive or any male earning member is alive at home, she would definitely have enjoyed her life even today .


Why the girls and ladies should learn self-defense techniques or any existing martial arts?

It is common news coming up that young lady are abducted from the road as easy as plucking a fruit from a neighbor’s garden.  These animals’ blooded people never think about the society, they eat the flesh and trash it on the road side.  What make them think they can get away from such heinous crime ? Do we really want a strict law against the same ?  Do you think that the countries which are following such brutal punishment is having very less number of such crimes?  If you think yes, then it is merely a funny answer.

Do not wait for the police authority. Let each female learn self-defense mechanism let us expect these animals blooded people get their reply instantly.

How you select a good trainer ?

There are many martial art study centers are running around us, are they really good at what they do ? No doubt if any such centers are there, obviously the trainer must have learned a couple of techniques or they may have good knowledge on the same.  So why to worry to join?  That is a good question indeed; only one thing has to be taken care of before you join the center.  You need to have a wide study of the background of the Instructor, the members of the Centre, the locality, whether the center is socially reputed.  The query would last for a couple of days only, you may get a clear picture, now you are safe to join.

It’s not necessary, you should practice billions of techniques at a stretch, you need to develop your self-defensive mechanism along with your confidence, and only way to develop is to practice the moves daily.  Learning super techniques are the best way to stay out of evil activities.  Attacking on the vital and fatal paints of the enemies such as penetrating your finger tips preferably thump nails into the enemy’s eyes. Strong grab ear and ride your thumps into the eyes.

Confidence building is one of the major gains while getting good training, continuous training would definitely help in facing the following

  • Facing Interview
  • Talking to the people.
  • Timely action when somebody in trouble.
  • Do not get panic.
  • Sense the trouble, whether man-made or natural.
  • Always be alert.

Self-defense myths.

It is commonly believed that you much achieve a black belt to defend yourself from any kind of trouble.  And one should know how to break a couple of tiles with a blow. By watching all those Hollywood movies, a belief that is developed to defend yourself, you must know the acrobatic movement done by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.  To beat your enemy one should have physic like Arnold Schawzenegger.  You need to be very violent while you are in the self-defensive action.  You must carry a weapon always; upto some extends above stated myths are right.  Continuous training is the best solution nothing can replace the same, the instant action is needed, for the one and only aspect is to train hard.

Self-defence in normal life

Self-defence is not only delivering a couple of punches,  every action, including while getting up from bed to protect your beloved body is also self-defence.

Let me pint our how we could act self-defensive in the day to day life.

While wearing a Shoe: Normally in a busy schedule, we do not get time to check ourselves.  It is always advisable that before you wear a shoe you must tap it on the floor; small snake or scorpion might have taken shelter in it.

Walking on slippery surface : While walking on the slippery area, we must press our toes to the ground to get a better grip, that will prevent you falling down.

Brushing Teeth:  In the morning we are often drowsy, while brushing teeth normally people apply tooth paste on brush and start doing brushing, small centipede may have sheltered in it.  You must wash the brush properly before the routine.


Author: Sensei Arun Dev


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