Retire Or Retry?

Posted by Moataz Khurshaid
August 8, 2017

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And there comes a day, when he was yearning, just to watch himself be the rising star! He gets up, flash of light in the background, and a glimse of a grin, that knew its route to pleasure! Gets his feet ready, warms himself up, and… It is time for school. Well, 18 years hadn’t been passed for this poor fellow, to boost up his confidence, in order to survive on his own. No matter, he knew it was a multi tasking thing to do, so, ‘bring it on’ was a clear sign of his dedication. Preparing himself from head to toe, just for one charismatic sport, ‘Soccer’. While this was the mainstream going on, a jitter held in, that major thing was, ‘support’. It was missing, but why? Yes, parental support. He didn’t mind being subdued by them, the nine months of pain and the immense love and care, knowing can’t pay them off, but agreeing their terms and conditions to chase his dream, he reopened the gate of hope! Nifty skills and dribbles along with a hard time study course, would add up to the day, the rest had to be family time. The show of his life continued for three years, but the academic results, couldn’t meet up with his parents desires. A final route, behold! But the environment or situations around made him a, “Jack of all trades, and master of none”. It wasn’t their mistake, when they hadn’t been exposed to such sporty environment and neither was his, as the field of medicine was in their blood, and yet he was deviated, so as to meet up his personal passion or desire. Folks, this wasn’t the end, the hard work  mashed the discouraging environment and believe it or not, there is none in this ‘rotating globe’ , other than our parents, to bestow their heart and empty the love upon us. He was given his chance, and he made it to an extreme level, but this had to be done in a month or two, holidays is a blessing. State level wasn’t far enough, but it came to a surprising end. “When you are the best one standing out there, your head isn’t safe”. Injured, he couldn’t run now. Kept hope, but you know when the time is off, or the alarm just snoozes to crush the living dream, you say, ‘I quit’. No matter what, it was already late for him, the next year, as it was destined a whole and sole 18 years boy, had to clash with board exam, entrance and his medical life. It was a deadly goodbye to his passion. But, that doesn’t make him stop using the ball and the footworks! Yes, he was an Indian. 

BANG! Did you notice what happened? Often, the dreams you live on, the die hard passion you have for, seemingly you don’t always own it. As known, we Indians have to dominate the world of education, specifically the field of medicine or engineering. We have it in our lineage! In a place surrounded by beauty, we have a layer of ‘sour life’. This is common, either you make your destiny or it is just destined, the fate gets sealed, and the paramteres to overshadow the dreams, mostly happen to be, the authority, the powerful, the conditions or else poor luck. I grieve, not upon those who show off their passion just in the name of liking or those who sit idle and hope for the best, but upon those, who face scars, ill natured environment , who work their level best, just to unleash the master piece out from them, who climb the stairs non  stop, facing hurdles, falling and yet getting back to their deed, but in the end it doesn’t even matter! You have to be the robot of this machinery world, and continue agreeing the terms and conditions or else you just fail, working sweats and blood. True, this is life, you have to decide whether to retire or retry. I have done my part, and yes, I am a human, not a robot.


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