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Save The Children

Posted by Hiteishi Jayswal
August 16, 2017

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I would be glad to give some contribution in shaping India’s future… I have some solutions which I think could be helpful to save the children.
The basic reason that a child begs or works hard is his poor economic and financial condition. The parents allow them to go for it because of their poverty and financial crisis. The first step we can take is that the government can at least give their parents some financial security and convince them to let their children go to school instead of work place. The government will be needing some monetary resources for the same… But I think that it at least have that much fundings. Rather on utilizing the resources on some infrastructure in metropolitan cities or doing publicity during elections or by reducing the corruption or using the tax amount on the same, one can have good fundings for providing the basic amenities to the required people. These can be used to start any school for children and most importantly providing proper education can become a great initiative to save the children. Provide the children with nutritious food. So basically, in this situation only we can help them out and let the innocent children enjoy the fun of education. Of course, government has done a lot but a little more is required.
Also media can help a lot in this mission by using their powers. In India, the highest powers to do something are vested in the citizens and the media (of any form, eg., newspapers, news channels, etc.). The media and citizens by staying together can help drastically in this mission. They are the best combination ever. Make public aware of their rights. Ask media to cover the cases related to the children. Even if one family helps one child in his/her education, the consequences will be unimaginable.
There are many cases where the children are being kidnapped and are compelled to beg or are employed in any factory (such as fire crackers). For this, we need to get alert…..government can appoint special officers and forces to rescue children from these things. Carry out some secret and rescue missions. Government can even take help of the NGOs. The helpline numbers should be made to work more efficiently.
The laws should be made even more stringent. The people having the racket should be found out and should be punished in such a cruel way that none in the future even dares to dream harassing children. Be more strict towards the assassins. They are not humans so there’s no need to show humanity towards them. This will make children understand the difference between the right and wrong…. Once again they will feel better and understand that bad ones are punished. This will even improve their psychology.
There’s no point in carrying out a candle march after something serious has happened… Please do something before anything worst happens..
It’s a humble request… Please do invest in education and health care of children, because it’s worth….reach out to powerful media and make public aware. Provide security to their families…
We are shaping INDIAs future so we should not afford any mistake and regrets… Results might come later but they will be great and we need to take a hard step now…

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