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Shape the skills with the best teachers

Posted by Arun Dev
August 14, 2017

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It is a great news for the entire Kenyu Ryu family that their Asian Chief Instructor, attended the Okinawa Karate World Wide Seminar

I have learned the simplicity of him during the many meeting with Kyosh Gireesh Perumthatta , Senseicontinued that he learned the same from the many world renowned legends of Karate and Kobudo.  Okinawan mechanism of training is somewhat very special, the legends share the knowledge for everyone who attended the seminar breaking all the barriers of this tremendous art.  Some kind of jealousy might have developed by seeing the actual culture of Karate among the legends of Karate teachers, sincerely pray when is Indian legends think in that way.  Kyoshi Gireesh already put a seed by introducing the club Smart Shito in India.

Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta puts his thanks to every point for the kind support by his teacher Soke Aiko Tomiyori, he further adds without her support nothing could have been easy to him.  Now Kenyu Ryu Asia has really become important styles of the world.

The simplicity of this Indian legend also very remarkable, being a Shotokan Sensei, he opens his heart and help me without keeping any boundary, that is of-course really admirable part of Kyoshi Gireesh.  He remembers about his childhood when he was brought up from a small village called Perumthatta, he further recalls the same is one of the cause to lead a good life as Karate Coach.


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