Should you start preparing for JEE MAIN 2018?

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August 20, 2017

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JEE MAIN is an Engineering exam. Every year lacks students give this exam to get into IIT and NIT in all over the INDIA. The time when I was preparing for the JEE main the most common question was – From which class should I start preparing for JEE MAIN Exam.

I spent my 1 year in Kota, the JEE coaching hub of India. In Kota, you will find out many top level coaching institutes like resonance, FIIT JEE, and Bansal etc. I started my preparation with Resonance. Resonance is one of the top coaching institutes in India with many branches all over the India.  The time of my class was from 8 AM to 2 PM. Here you will get DP (Daily practice) question sheet and notes.

If you are in 12th or 11th with the science stream then probably you are thinking to crack JEE MAIN 2018 Exam, if you are not then you should because JEE MAIN is an exam which every engineering students should give. The jee main paper will let you know about your level, where you are standing in the crowd.

If you count on your fingers, you have 12 months remaining for JEE Main 2018, and 14 for JEE Advanced 2018.

14 months are more than sufficient to get into the so called “Most prestigious tech. institute” in India (IITs). Start by selecting one topic from each of the three subjects and move likewise. A good balance between all the three subjects is the key (which many people forget). Follow your coaching teacher or your book or whatever may be your source regularly. Do practice the problems on a regular basis. Try and mix the problems of different chapters and set a time limit so that you get a real-time experience of solving problems.

By January, you should finish your syllabus and give two months for revision (if you don’t have boards!!). If you have boards, try and finish your JEE syllabus by November and focus on boards for one and a half months. Remember boards marks may not matter now to you but the NCERT you read will prove to be helpful in your JEE Main and even in Advanced. You must solve previous year papers of at least last 6–7 years. Many of the students have started preparation for JEE MAIN 2019 Exam.

Below are some tips from me –

  1. Draft a Strict Timetable: It is essential to discipline yourself and plan your days in advance. You have less than 12 months at hand. So, make every day count. Plan specific and segregated time frames for practicing and revising all subjects. Do them consecutively or cyclically, whatever suits.
  2. Make a Go for Professional Coaching Classes: While school books help clear the basics and are extremely essential from that perspective, coaching sessions allow a targeted approach. The notes and the mannerism of lectures that they conduct assist students to master ‘tricks’ to clear that difficult exam.
  3. Clear Your Doubts: Sometimes it so happens that students jot down their doubts but fail to get a clarity on them, well in time. So, go after your teachers in school or coaching classes to get clarity today. That very question could be a part of the next JEE.
  4. Strike a Healthy Balance: ‘Eat Healthily, Feel Healthy and Sleep Healthy’, all of these and more will help you stay fit. Students resort to ‘burning the midnight oil’, starving themselves, or taking no breaks…all of which is extremely detrimental. A relaxed body and mind are the key to success at each and every stage of life. So, while studying is essential, do so in a planned manner. Rest and breaks in between are more essential.
  5. Ignite that Passion: If you lack the passion to do it, you are going to lose anyhow. It is imperative to understand that if this is what you are passionate about and would want with your life. If you are confused today, you might find yourself in a position to give up, ten months down the line. So, it’s better to listen to your heart now. And, if Engineering excites you, go all out and fight for admission to these prestigious colleges.
  6. Focus on Revision: There have been various incidents where students blackout at the last moment. While they have put in a lot of effort, they are unable to replicate the same during exams. So, revising what you have learned, will help you get great scores.

Hope these tips will help you. 

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