Sober or not.

Posted by Rituparna Shome Purkayastha
August 23, 2017

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We all are different yet unique and so are our numerous ideologies, as a result of which arguments get instigated. God and religion – is one of the most vulnerable topics. The origination, mythologies and figures are different in our books. We tend to impose our ideologies on others and forget to teach our children the basic steps – manners, humility and sobriety. Moreover, many of us keep a negative thought about the other just because of the difference and distribute the pamphlets of the particular notion adding fuel to fire. I have seen the results of such notions and I do not know how to teach those people to be respectful and sober. We are taught to be keep our hearts pure during our prayers. But may be in haste, we forget to maintain the cleanliness and purity in our lives. Many of us make a small space at home for praying at home, clean it regularly and keep it sacred. On the other hand we overlook to enrich our mental well-being or nurture our physical health.  How does it harm us by behaving soberly and treat our fellowmen with dignity  irrespective of their caste, creed or gender?

One day I was stuck in traffic when a group of transgenders approached every vehicle to collect money. My colleague who accompanied me in a cab, said ‘these are the loathsome creatures’ and wanted to shoo them away. I was disappointed. Yes, I may not support begging by anyone but why my colleague felt disgusted? They were complete strangers to us just like the driver of our cab. Did they do some heinous act or threatened others’ lives? God has created them that way, they are biological creations or may be the other case. My colleague further explained that he once encountered one of them who kept on pestering him in the traffic signal for more money, which further defies the argument for generalizing the mass because of few incidents. In reality, there is good number of transgenders in our country. Many of them want to live a respectable life. But because of no job opportunities and social rejections, they are still compelled to live without any choice. Recently Kerela government has stated an example of progressive mindset by presenting job opportunities for our transgender fellowmen. A constructive society is more important than the religion that asks to loath others. Great people from the history too exhibited traits of benevolence. I was filled with respect for a writer named Prasoon Joshi who commented on someone “I will not respect the profession… But that doesn’t mean that when that comes before me will I disrespect him or her. I wouldn’t. My culture doesn’t allow me.” Filtering the good from humongous news rather than following the trend can do better to the world.

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