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Posted by Prateek Jain
August 13, 2017

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Last year I also had the same problem which most of us have while growing up. We don’t just see and look at things. WE NOTICE. And one of the major things I noticed in recent days is the traffic. The way people overtake in Aligarh. Doesn’t matter if they are coming on the wrong side.All of us want to roam freely everywhere. An empty road or maybe an open field is where we can drive any way we want. But dude, a road full of people isn’t a right place to do that. Many times people from another side while overtaking come in front of me for such a long time that it makes me think, “Should I greet this guy?”. I mean, for a long time we both are in front of each other. It starts getting awkward. The person inside me tells me to wave my hand but my heart says – ‘Dude, He deserves a standing ovation’ (Due to his level of stupidity.). But the actual me deep inside – ‘And the standing ovation should be from my middle finger.’ Due to some past experiences, I do know that people here have a lot of back-ups. And I am sure many people reading the previous statement would be laughing thinking it was because of them (I wasn’t a good guy.). To know you just need to speak some ill to any person even remotely related to him. People do easily get offended. Not a place for dark humor.

Another thing which I noticed in recent past days is the way some boys stare the girl while they are overtaking. Again a standing ovation to these guys. But this time due to their overconfidence. Why?
OK, Consider this for a moment – These are the guys who probably haven’t got a girl in their entire life. But they think that the unknown girl they are going to overtake staring at her will probably ask him out, just by seeing his face. Dude if this miracle hasn’t happened in your entire life with the girls whom you meet every day at your college, what makes you think it can happen in those seconds. And unless you think you are utterly handsome, but that case isn’t possible too. Have you seen me? *Smirks* But as we know that nothing like this is going to happen, toh atleast bhai nhi dekhne se izzat toh bani rhegi. And life me izzat zaruri hai bhai #zakirism.

Probably none of you is indulged in any of the above-mentioned activity. But we all notice these things happening around us every day. So whenever you notice any of this again, I think the right thing to do at that very moment is to do something about it. For example, I noticed the staring thing happening a few days back. The best thing was to punctuate (without getting punched afterward) him after the incident. But as this needed some guts and I like to roast more, I just overtook the guy and stared at him the same way. By the words said by him about my family, I am pretty much sure he understood what I was trying to do there. I am not blaming the city, but the shit inside it. It’s we who make it a city. We have to decide upon what it looks like and how safe do we want it to be.
Sorry for any grammatical mistake if there were.

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