Stress – an Evil

Posted by Prachi Sinha
August 31, 2017

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Stress has become one of the most important concerns of the society. Wherever I go,I see people talking about ‘stress.’ It is ruining not only physical health but also mental health.

As a child we were told to dream big and work hard. It was easy to dream something big then,because we were not familiar to stress. As we grew up,we faced it. Nobody ever talked about this and its impact on our lives.

With the immense pressure of performing well,we somehow became a victim of stress. It has no age bar. Even kids these days are under stress.

I’ve seen parents who expect their children to be all rounder. Apart from doing well in their studies,they’re supposed to do well in co curricular activities as well. They don’t understand that every child is different. Kids sometimes don’t enjoy,they just do because of their parents which leads to ‘stress.’

Good scores define a great and successful career. If you lack to score 60%,you lack to get admission in a good college and even a decent job. The story of struggle in this case usually lasts longer. Because of being a below average student you get rejected most of the time and sooner or later you become a victim of ‘stress.’

It is somehow spoiling our mental health. The cases of depression and anxiety have increased in last few years. The suicide rate has also increased. Newspapers are filled with such news.

It is important to make ourselves aware about stress and its consequences. It is harming our mental and physical well being. If you feel something is wrong then speak,don’t hide.






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