Teenagers Can Help to Save an Old Man’s Life In Digital Way.

Posted by gratzeez Inc
August 24, 2017

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Now a days the new generation is living the digital life. Teenagers are always engage online through different kind of platforms like networking sites, mobile apps and so many other things of internet, but some smart guys also use various mobile apps which is really useful.

Here I am sharing about How AroundMe Mobile App was Helpful in Saving an Old Man’s Life?

Sometimes the helping hand will be right in front you. Still we miss those with our ignorance. This is what sometimes called as inattentional blindness. Due to our past experiences we categorize some elements or persons or even mobile applications as noisy environment around us. But if we check it carefully this blindness can be avoided in the right situations. This blog is not about the inattentional blindness but it is about how the presence of mind in using an app helped a man’s life.

It was 8pm when we (me and my friend) thought about returning to the hotel room after a long day enjoyment in an unknown place like Lachen, Sikkim. We were riding our bike to the maximum speed it could manage. Suddenly we saw something on road. While moving towards it, we could recognize it is not a thing, but a man sitting on road with smartly dressed but about to get unconscious.

We stopped our bike and walked towards him. He was trying hard to breathe. We just looked around. The place was quite unfamiliar for us and we didn’t know about any nearby hospitals or nearby pharmacy store. He was trying hard to tell something. And we enquired if he knows any nearby hospitals. But he nodded his head as he was also new to the place. The old man told he just needs a medicine from any pharmacy to stop his asthma as he forgot to carry it and not to search for any hospitals.

Suddenly my friend remembered a mobile app that was seen on Play Store 2 days back. But his inattentional blindness made him not to look at it. He searched for it again and found AroundMe app and installed in a hurry to find a pharmacy by app. By the time we also waited for any vehicles to pass by atleast to ask the route or to take him to hospital but everything was in vain.

My friend opened the app and he typed for nearby pharmacy store to help the sick man. For our goodness we got a list of nearby pharmacies provided with ratings and distance.

Wow!! Incredible!! We chose the best pharmacy and took the man with us on bike. We never knew it is much easier to find a pharmacy by app. The GPS system on app guided us and we reached the destination within 5 minutes without fail. Since the rating of the pharmacy was given, we were sure we have reached at the right place and the man would get the required medicine. Yes, he got it from there and he was relieved from the sickness and we accompanied him to his lodging.

It was a great experience at the night and we don’t when will a simple app will be helpful. I recommend everyone to install AroundMe app as it can be helpful to search any place around you just like we did.

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