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The Burmese government and Rakhine terrorist slaughtering, gang rapping,burnt Down.

Posted by Mohammad Aadil
August 31, 2017

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The Burmese government and Rakhine terrorist slaughtering, gang rapping,burnt Down our innocent Rohingya Muslims Villages, And also burnt down thousands and thousands children,old mans in Arakan.

Why is our Government, innocent muslim and the Parliament quite on the genocide of Rohinga Muslims in Mayanmar. IK keeps crying hoarse against the Government. Why can’t PTI and other opposition parties bring a resolution in favour of the persecuted Rohingas?. Why are other Muslim countries quite on such brutalities. Where are the World Humane Rights organizations like Amnesty International?

Myanmar Burmese army killed 3,000 people including women and children in Rohingya Muslims in 3 days

If Rohingh is there, help Rohingya. If today, jihad is obligatory, then it is in Myanmar but will not raise any sound for them. Who will raise the voice of the poor to no place? I wish I had a ground and I would say to all of them, come and just go there. Today’s man has become so tense that humanity has ended. Sorry sorry sorry
If I take videos of the tragedy with them, all the keys will come to the mouth of the burst. How to uncover women and to be tied with trees and the trumpet is torn. How the kidneys are tied to the peas. How young people are buried alive, my soul is trembling with me. While writing these words, I could not see any video for three to four seconds. Neither a painful person can see them ..
O Lord of the Worlds, help the Muslims of the Lord Almighty Burma

Post by :- Mohammad Aadil


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