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The Power at your finger tips – Vote

Posted by gaurav chhibber
August 16, 2017

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To come to a solution as to why youngsters don’t, let’s try and understand why youngsters don’t vote ?

Is it because of their lack of rights, process, logistics? I doubt that most school going children, entering colleges have been part of the election of school and college bodies in which they participate enthusiastically and relate to the candidate, process, a reason to vote. 

If Election commission really wants to engage and involve youth in nation building, It has to understand thier mind. 

How can you expect 60% population that is under 40 to choose from leaders who are above 65 ? 

No political party should allow senior citizens to take constitutional responsibility. They should serve the party after 60. This will open the gates for youngsters to enter politics and make way for new India. 

Secondly with so much of young population traveling working away from native locations, where they have voter ID cards. It’s difficult for them to come back to vote especially when they don’t like the candidates. Why voting from remote location be a constraint in digital India. When you have Adhaar, Pan, bank account linked add voter ID card too and allow voters to vote online if they wish so. 

They have one Vote. They can choose to cast if either in their Janambhoomi ( Native place) or karambhoomi ( their place of work) but their vote will not go waste. Imagine a Bangalore guy working in Gurgaon can cast his vote to make either Haryana or Karnataka better. The same goes for a labour from Bihar working in Gujrat. 1 vote, each vote counts. 

If The government truly believes in Digital India. Digital Voting should be the way forward. No body can use fake votes, votes of people who are not there. 

If New India is to be made by New Indian. Transformation is the need of the hour. No more 37% people choosing to rule the 100%. The whole Country will vote. 

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