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August 28, 2017

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The kids of today are going to be the future of tomorrow and would lend a strong foundation for a better world. Undeniably the parents are the first teachers, and their mental capacity is developed with a healthy atmosphere received at their homes, but apart from the family, the another great aspect which really matters most in a kid’s life is the school and the education he/she received from it. As per a research conducted school plays a vital role in building the character of a student.

A right school for your kids helps them to attain the right academic qualifications coupled with the required personal attributes to differentiate themselves from other. I have observed that not many schools are able to crack the hard nut of offering the kids the glut of opportunities so the kids can try and explore every time something new. When it comes to building the stronger characters, it is essential for the schools to encourage the students to break down the shell of the comfort zone and experience their potential in many unexpected and different ways, offered by the school.

The set of co-curricular activities are supposed to be woven into the academic fabric of every school, so the students coming from the diverse backgrounds and cultures can don it further to enhance their confidence. Worth to mention that not every school in Mumbai is able to complement this structure, but one school which has shelved the old education system to offer the holistic experience of education to the kids, is ‘The Cathedral Vidya School’, which is the top ib boarding schools in Maharashtra and their team of academicians and non-academic staff plans the every possible opportunity to the students to learn new skills in a supportive environment with the perfect dose of healthy competition. The Cathedral Vidya School is a leading boarding school in Mumbai, which helps the students to grow confident and capable to build a stronger future of the nation.

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