This 70th Independence Day

Posted by ishita Singh
August 16, 2017

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We celebrate our 70th independence day. But what are we celebrating this independence day for? Freedom to kill, freedom to abuse, freedom to not be human anymore? Is that the reason we can’t even digest people doing the little good they do.

Recently there was a tragedy, murder of around 70 children, yes I used the word murder because it is very much so. Why? Because the government did not have time to pay their government hospital the funds that the hospital was alloted. So the company responsible for supplying the oxygen after several warnings and a legal notice shut down the oxygen supply. (What the company did is another major inhumane act, punish the hospital not the innocent children they didn’t deserve it). Then one doctor, just one took the matters into his own hands and drove around to private clinics, requested many oxygen suppliers ( and again they said no, why i cannot fathom because there can be  nothing more important than saving lives) and arranged a few cylinders. His name being Dr. Kafeel Khan along with the praises got him the tag of anti national , because that is what happens to anyone with that kind of name. His past, present, family everything was brought out. All in all the debate now was whether he is a hero or villain, forgetting everything about the tragedy. Is him being muslim more important than the death of those children?

I must say hats off to the government, they let a tragedy happen because of their negligence, then attributed it to the disease than the actual reason ( oxygen supply shut down ), then got a scapegoat ( Dr. Kafeel Khan) so sacked him ( because he runs a private practice; which is allowed- according to the Supreme Court), then called it an accident and are sorry about it because that they always are,  SORRY and wait for it, got away unscathed.

The end result 70 children are dead, parents are grieving, the other patients at the hospital are scared, the rest of the country is debating whether to call someone national or anti national and the government well lets just say the usual, we have launched an investigation. Who is to blame? Everyone of us who let this situation get this far.

Happy Independence day !!!!!! Hope we learn how to be humans first.

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