Three consecutive verdicts: 5 points how in India judiciary protected the rights of women

Posted by Sayantan Ghosh
August 26, 2017

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The consecutive three judgments, two by the Supreme Court and one by the CBI court (though the final verdict is yet to come), have protected the rights of women in this country. Here are the five points regarding how in India Judiciary protects the rights of women.

1) Breaks the patriarchy:

All these three judgments broke the patriarchy of the society. The privacy of women and their choice should be respected. By all these judgments it has become clear that the years old beliefs can be questioned and the judiciary is there above every powerful person, law, idea, and beliefs.

2) My body my choice:

The statement which is considered as cool got the approval from Judiciary indeed. Privacy of women is a concern in today’s India, everyday women face body shaming, slut shaming, and other comments. By these judgments, the fight for the rights of women got more strength.

3) Feminism is not fancy:

The common idea of feminism has been broken by the judiciary. Feminism is needed in India to protest against patriarchy, rape, molestations and to protect privacy.

4) Power to question

Through these judgments, the judiciary has given the constitutional right to women that they can question the repeated discriminatory issues come to them.

5) Power to live:

In today’s India women are not safe. The more judgments like this will ensure that women in this country will live with dignity of life.

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