Posted by Seerat Randhawa
August 8, 2017

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I know that you are going through a really tough time, though I cannot imagine your anguish for sure. May be whenever you close your eyes, you just wish that the last few days should disappear from your life. I am not asking you to magically forget all that has happened, may be you do not even need anybody to tell you what to do, but for once try I want to draw your attention.

There are times when all of us make mistakes, and by all of us, I really mean all of us, nobody around us is perfect. I do not know what exactly happened, whatever misinformation caused you to believe that you have bagged the job is immaterial, and you do not even need to explain yourself to anybody. But think about it, if the information had not become nationwide news, would you still have been struck so hard by the reality? If not, then why put yourself through turmoil now? Just because a lot of people know about a supposed confusion you had, that does not make it an issue bigger than life itself.

You are just 16, and you have your goals so clear in life, wanting to work on graphics and image processing. Trust me a lot of people, me included, envy you for this because a lot of us have no clue about what we want to do with our lives. With such clarity, skill and determination to achieve your goal, you are bound to go wherever you set your heart, if not now, then surely some other day. Why let this one silly incident break you down? You have committed no crime, no sin. I call the incident silly not because I underestimate the trauma you have been through, but because in the long run even you yourself will look back and laugh at it, it is just one bad day.

Pick yourself back  up, you still have the most important thing in your life safe with you – your family. The constant support that they have provided you in this hour should be motivation enough for you to get back on your feet and get going, I am sure that it is all that they want to see you do. This is NOT the end Harshit, instead it is from here that you have to make a new beginning to achieving your goals, whether it is joining Google or doing anything under the sun.

And remember whatever people say about you is none of your business. It reflects who they are and it has got nothing to do with you. You have caused no harm to anybody and therefore have no reason to not look the world in the eye.  This one incident does not define you, what defines you is what you have done in these 16 years and all the wonderful things that you will do in future. Life tested you Harshit and you have to emerge stronger and more determined from this test. Good luck and more power to you.

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