‘Toilet: Ek prem katha’ – The movie with a message

Posted by Mansi Jain
August 14, 2017

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‘Toilet ek prem katha’ – 3.0 stars from my side; if you went to see the movie expecting too much, it will disappoint you and if you went expecting nothing then it will gently surprise you.

Akshay kumar and the crew makes a strong case against open defecation in this mellow love story where the villain is ‘Toilet’. Inspired by Anita Barre, who left her inlaws for lack of a four walled closed toilet in the house, is not supposed to be called any less than a world war 3 leader who is standing up for more than just the perils of open defecation, she is standing up for women’s dignity!
Dialogues are crisp and hit it rightly at the heart of redundant superstitions which eats the mentality of our outdated villagers, like a parasite. Dramatism is kept at natural levels for a movie with a message and Akshay comes in to save the day with timely punches which make you leap out hearty laughs. Bhumi and Akshay were a convincing couple from mathura with the right accent but the script dissolves in a sticky mess when it rushes into giving a victorious ending for a couple languising in pain just because of a toilet.
First half makes a better watch and by the second half you can see the movie sliding slowly downhill. Moreover, I am still wondering how an ambitious Jaya can fall for a chichora guy like Keshav whose talent was seemingly good GK and may be a romantic husband ?
‘Toilet- ek prem katha’ is a movie which is not a great in parts but a lot more convincing and gentle as a whole
. It was there to give a message and it did. But it didn’t go as far as making a masterpiece directorial or screenplay work here.
Direction- 3.5/4


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