How ‘Graceful’ Would It Be To Die Of Smoking? Let This Video Show You

Posted by Surabhi Rao in Health and Life, Video
August 21, 2017

Globally, 7 million people die due to smoking every year. But, the global profit in the tobacco trade is $35 billion. The system claims that it wants to keep citizens healthy and wants them to stay away from tobacco – but it can’t afford to ban it or keep it far from them. Of all the absurdities of our system, isn’t this the craziest?

We campaign so strongly against a substance – but also make sure that its business does soar.

This video left me appalled. Initially, I thought that the maker of the video was promoting smoking, and I rolled my eyes. But then I realised that this video showcases no-smoking public service advertising (PSA) in a different way. The idea was to excessively romanticise cigarette smoking through a mock commercial.

Something that stumped me was ‘Trump’. I do not know what prompted the video makers to call it ‘Trump’, but I couldn’t help but notice the huge scope for political satire in the script. The subtexts and metaphors were conveyed so easily.

In fact, this refreshing take can be a replacement to what the anti-smoking commercials we see in the movie theatres before the movie and after the interval!


Image Source: The Gist/YouTube
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