Tum Azaad ho!

Posted by Fatima Khan
August 12, 2017

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Hadd hai matlab!! Arey Hindustan ke sabhi logo!! Samajhte kyun nahin??? Tum Aazaad Ho!!

Fakhr hona chahiye Tum Sab ko… Tum Hindustani ho!! You should be glad about the fact that you are the part of the largest “Democracy” in the world!! Our motherland!! The one we should say “Vande Matram” to every time we have to prove our patriotism.

What a joke in today’s times I tell you!

Well.. If you are in India… Here patriotism is not an abstract quality. It is not a feeling that comes from within. India is the country where in today’s day and age definitions are changing. Now people are starting to learn that love, pride, passion, patriotism and all the other abstract positive qualities can be forced onto anyone. You can just stalk and find true love. If you can’t then abduct her she’ll love you because if she doesn’t you’ll chop her fingers off one by one. Well if she has the training of the black cat commandos then only she’ll stick to not loving you otherwise bol hi degi yes my dear abductor, spare my fingers I love you.

I mean what haddd darze ka bachpana is this? You are terrorizing people and then just like that abductor who gets happy with the forced confession of love he is able to extract from that girl you are naïve enough to celebrate the forced deshbhakti which according to you has come into the hearts of Indians just because of you!

You are forcing people to do “patriotic” deeds! You are forcing people to “love” their country! Man they have been loving this country since the last 2017 years generation after generation!!!! Deshbhakti ragon me lahu ki tarah daud rahi hai har ek ke! You don’t have to terrorize them into loving their country!

But wait…! You already know that! You are terrorizing the minorities with a different agenda in mind. Have we not heard of reverse psychology? That is what you are using! So that someone somewhere gets affected by this hatred you are planting in the hearts of each and every Indian, slowly and steadily, step by step, just like slow poison. And at some place starts that bhadkaau bayaan or starts that violent act which will serve as the foundation stone of your vote bank in the fore coming elections. Don’t you think it’s easy to decode this strategy of yours? 

Well I’m Fatima Khan. A muslim young lady. I belong to the minorities in terms of religious beliefs in my country. And I’m a millennial. I was born in 1995. So this sudden change in the environment of our country India is something which breaks my heart. You see, I’ve completed my schooling from GGIC Pratapgarh in UP. I’ve seen the true spirit of Independence day. Where the feeling came from within. The excitement and patriotism were still abstract qualities. No one forced anything on anybody and respected each others freedom in this free country.

Back then; almost everybody didn’t sing Vande Mataram, as most of the citizens of  this great nation even today CANNOT. Why?

NO! Not because of their religion silly. But because they don’t have it memorized. Yes. You read it right. Admit it. Even you can’t sing the whole song 99% of people reading this blog post.

You proud patriot!

You whose relatives and family members haven’t served the country.

You who need “kharcha paani” for every government office related work.

You who eye and eve tease women walking on the road.

You who don’t understand the meaning of the foreword of the constitution which clearly states that India is a Secular Country.

You who don’t even know that human rights and directive principles are listed in the constitution and you don’t follow any directive principle yourself but feel it to be your duty to forcefully implement them on those weaker then you.

You who don’t respect the constitution as much as you respect a cow or a slogan.

You who don’t even donate your own blood let alone shedding it for the country.

You who tax sanitary napkins while claiming to be a woman friendly government.

You who have no idea how to stop forced prostitution in this country where the woman is a devi.

You who have no idea how to stop rapes, honor killings and female foeticide in this country.

You who have the audacity to stop the busy traffic in the middle of the day but don’t have the decency to attend the funeral of the person who died in the ambulance failing to reach a hospital on time.

You who have no idea how to stop beggars from turning their offsprings into beggars.


And lastly you greatest Patriot Respected Sir…

You who have no idea how to run this country.

You are such a moody person that you have turned this democracy into nothing more than an aristocracy with the support of some blinded ultra religious people.

Yes I know I’m sounding extreme. I may even seem biased to some of you. Some of you might even find faults in me to balm their bruised egos.

But I’m not sorry for any of that.

Yes! I’m sounding freaking extreme because our country is at the threshold of that extreme… It is becoming all that our forefathers didn’t wish for it to become. The legacy of Bharat is torn into Hindutva and Hindustaan.

Yes! I’m biased because I’ve seen better times. I’ve been a part of the time when without any doubt we were poor, but we did have harmony and love within our hearts. I never felt like I was being targeted for my beliefs. I had the freedom to express. I was privileged to be the part of that school where under the values given to us by Sabeeha Abbas Naqvi Ma’am, Suman Ma’am Khare Ma’am and Zaidi Ma’am we automatically felt patriotic from within. Seeing them only showed us how an ideal Indian should be. Independence day or be it any other national festival or birthdays or punyatithis of great Indians. 8am to 4pm various events. That tricolour cap! That tricolour band! That badge of the Indian flag. That feeling that we are a part of this nation with such a glorious legacy!

I still remember when I gave that speech in 9th standard on 15th of August, I got a roaring applause but when I descended the stairs of the stage, Zaidi Ma’am who was best buds with Khare Ma’am called me and said- “Beta ye jo jhande ka badge and topi phna hai na waada karo is jhande ko kabhi girne nahin dogi.” I literally get goosebumps thinking of that moment etched into my memory even today. She did not praise me. She didn’t say a word other than this. She and Khare Ma’am both were sitting together and this was the moment which was bigger than the applause for me. I felt that sense of responsibility towards my country by myself. I was in the Scout Guides troop so I saluted her with my chest swelled with love, pride and respect for my country for which I had just been entrusted such a big responsibility. Today with tears in my heart. Hurt to the core. I sense the flag falling. The same flag I vowed to never let down. I ask myself! How will these children who are dragged into the petty affairs of these adults feel that way for their country. For them Independence Day will forever be etched into their minds for the fear and controversy surrounding a slogan.

That was a government institution where we were taught at that time that love is above all. Where you have to choose between an alright and an absolutely perfect course of action, chose the alright one in order to spare the feelings of those who will be hurt in the absolutely perfect course of action.

I wish we were as free as we were 5 years ago. I wish we as a minority didn’t have to feel the way we are made to feel today. I wish “Saare Jahaan se Achcha Hindosta Hamara” were the gaan we would all sing like old times. I wish no one was forced to feel for “Vande Maatram”. I wish this country would be like Japan or Singapore, as developed, as progressed, as perfect so that all the citizens of this country irrespective of religious beliefs would never be forced to mutter under their breath,”Kya hoga is desh ka?” I wish religion would be as big an issue as two people having different tastes in ice cream; so what you love chocolate flavored ice cream and I love strawberry! Atleast we both love ice cream! Let’s celebrate that! I’d respect the fact that you don’t feel for strawberries and not offer my allpenlibe strawberry flavored candy to you as I’d like for myself that I be left alone and no one try to force feed me chocolate flavored candy! Let alone force it down your or my throat while filming it on a video camera.

I just could not sit still with this lava filled in my head. This ache in my heart. The paranoia that something bad is going to happen. The fear that we the minorities are not safe in our own homes, in our own country.

I guess somewhere deep down I still hope. I still feel that all will be well. I still have that badge and 15th August speech with me to remind me of my patriotism and my duties towards my motherland.

But I am not going to say or sing “Vande Mataram” this year. Not only because my religious beliefs conflict with it but because Dear Sir.. I choose to walk into the trap of the reverse psychology that you in your opinion have so brilliantly set. I hold my head high and believe that Haa Azaad Hain Hum!! Hamari azaadi beshaq hamari naak tak hai!! Isiliye I practice my right to be silent. Saying No slogan will be tough for me as I used to be the one making the entire school say slogans. But is bar jhande ko uthaana zyada important hai.

Go ahead… Start counting my flaws already! Because I’m sure I’ve rattled some of yours. 

But before you do that. Sit calmly for a moment. And think. What will be the legacy we would be leaving our children? Economy or Values?

I know my answer. I’d happily choose Values over Economy any single day.

What about you?





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