Watch: What ‘India’s Most Seditious’ Have To Say About Patriotism And The Media

Posted by Sourya Majumder in Culture-Vulture, Media, Politics, Video
August 5, 2017

Comedian Kunal Kamra seems to be on something of a roll since his stand-up act on Indian patriotism went viral. Since then, the straight-spoken comedian has gone on to launch a podcast series, where he has previously interviewed, among others, Madhukeshwar Desai, VP of the BJP’s youth wing. Kamra’s interview of Desai, where he questioned him on everything from cow violence to demonetisation, is a good primer on his sly, snide style of comedy. But his latest video, where he interviews guests he is perhaps more politically aligned with, allows him to truly speak his mind and thus be at his freewheeling best.

In the latest episode of his podcast, Kamra talks to JNU firebrands Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, poster children for ‘sedition’ in India. It’s almost relaxing to see the two on the interviewee’s couch, presenting their answers in an easy, comfortable manner without people baying for their blood or shouting them down.

In tackling questions ranging from the state of the media to caste-based reservations, Kanhaiya shows his rhetorical prowess – which could rival a politician’s – while Umar appears to be the more laidback of the two, even as he is talking about how he has received death threats every single day since he became popular. Meanwhile, through Kamra’s trademark video snippets inserted slyly throughout the podcast, everything from Arnab Goswami’s infamous voice to the media’s obsession with Yogi Adityanath’s (lack of) hair to Baba Ramdev’s chocolates gets a moment in the spotlight. Kamra and his guests don’t hold back.

In the end, whether you find the conversation constructive depends on your mileage and your investment in the issues discussed, but if you’re wondering whether Umar Khalid is single – worry not, Kunal Kamra has got you covered.