Posted by Mahima Sharma
August 25, 2017

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I have been telling you about my journey and how my ‘different’ life knocks me down at every point. So, this is an open letter to all those who ripped my soul apart, who bullied me for my introvert nature, who leaves me alone in between some parallel lines where I can’t decide, which side to go, who told me I wasn’t good enough, who condescended me in all my achievements.

No, I am not complaining you of what you have done to me but I am acknowledging you about my current life and situations, situations in which my mind can’t stop screaming and my blood dries and for a moment I am not in life.

Thanks to my Ventilator!

Believe me you don’t want to live a life like this. Believe me I am not living this life for me. I am dead already. Believe me when I say, thanks for leaving, I mean it. There is no place for people like you any way, I’ve my baggage to fill in.

But, thankyou for making me this wild, thankyou for turning me into broken lyrics and dark poetry. I thank you for making me more unpredictable and unlovable.

I thank you for making me numb but what you don’t know about me is …

” I am half hell and half goddess”

“Tumhara nature kitna alag hai, abhi toh hass rahi thi, ek dam se roney lagi” “Itni ajeeb si kyu hai” “Tumse koi kabhi umeed nahi rakhi jaa sakti”

[Wait for Part 4]



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