VOILENCE breed VOILENCE, let’s breed PEACE

Posted by Shreya Kapoor
August 11, 2017

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India is a great civilization with a remarkable history. It is the land of bhagat singh. Bhagat means peace,brotherhood, revolution, sacrifice, truth, equality and immense love. It is the land of Gandhi who preached and practiced non violence. He stood up for the oppressed. It is the land of Buddha where ahimsa, tolerance and love emerged. It is the land of rulers who shed lot of blood but later on they became voices of peace, love and brotherhood. India the land of different cultures and values should only represent love. India should not be identified with violence against people their own people. It should not have to debate on their news channels what kind of weapon they should use against protesters??how to oppress dissent??Should it be pellet guns or some other guns?? Will a tank in jnu will instill patriotism?? It should not normalize and justify violence against ordinary people. 

I can not imagine how the people of this great nation can allow killing and maiming of young children, young men, young women, old men and old women. I can not see people being killed just because of their religious outlook or different food habit. People in Kashmir want to be free like people in India and other free countries. Indian people are patriotic people. Indian patriotism should not be defined by suppressing freedom of expression.Indian patriotism should not be drenched in blood of it’s own people. Indian patriotism should not symbolize burying young people in graveyards who could have done great things in their lives. No one should die for being different. There is no national pride in mothers & fathers attending their kids funerals. India can not and should not represent this kind of brutality and carnage against people.
It pains me to see this senseless violence. I have so many kashmiri friends and I can say with full confidence none of them want to see this violence in their name. Last two years have been very difficult for me personally. I want all my Indian brothers and sisters to open their hearts for all the people including kashmir. Acknowledging their pain would make us a greater nation. Understanding one’s urge for freedom will make us a stronger and greater nation. India has an opportunity to become the beacon of light for the world. India will show strength not weakness by resolving Kashmir conflict, by standing against mob violence and atrocities against anyone and everyone and by creating a environment for peace and love for all.
I urge people of India to not to stay silent on the ongoing violence in our nation . I want you to see people who are in lot of pain. I want you to show them magnanimity and love. I want you to rekindle the Bhagat inside your hearts. I want you to cry with them(people) in their pain. I want you to hold the hands of their mothers who have lost their sons. I want you to express love to the kids who have become orphans.

I as a student of delhi university(IPCW) have no bad intention for the nation of India. Yes, i am angry with the people who are trying to destroy the democratic space of India, and I’ll will fight against them, for the sake of my nation and for the sake of humanity.

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.
When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.

– Confucius

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