Let’s vote and change our future by ourselves!

Posted by Usha Sharma
August 12, 2017

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Oh!just stop voting!stop pretending like we care for our nation;wake up!we don’t have any interest in voting.,letus  rest at home and if accident happen then post it on social media criticizing it and wait for so many of likes and emojis.Oh!we,the younsters can only do these things.e very minute a rape ,road accident , terrorism,death happens and what we do just criticize it.Oh please stop criticizing young voters.remember !we didn’t voted last elections so we didn’t choosed our leader.so how can we criticize leaders.The right to criticize is only for those who voted,not for us.yes,we are one of those voters who are capable but didn’t voted.so,what it’s not our duty!right.no! it’s up to us how we want to make our country.yes we are carefree not careless .we are the backbone of our country’s body.yes,,we don’t have any interest in political climate but we should definitely vote .ok!not for ourself but for every innocent girl,forpeople who died in terrorism,for such brave  soilders .,for our next generation,they need us guys!they need our help,they should be born in a country where there is implementation of every right,r ight to freedom,right to walk on streets after 10pm.,right for everyone,.ok!and what about us we should also have these rights for our better future.thinking of ourself doesn’t make us mean but thinking of others happiness makes us great.

According to electon commission many young people don’t vote.and these are recorded since past 4elections.Million of us are just staying away from booth.our  high school feescuts to us over housing.race for jobs have made us left from political climate.b ut a slew of schemes has been conducted to encourage us.smart phone apps, have been used.another schemes of government is to make an event of voting in facebook so that we lazy people woke up and give vote .I think E-voting should is the best option for us in  which we can vote to our leaders from resting at home itself just our vote will be connected to our Aadhar card.NUS(national union of students)has conducted  numerous of schemes to encourage us.so,what we are thinking now!just wake up! And let ourself getout from comfort zone and vote.lets make our country the most develop and happy country by voting . Please let us vote.let us change our future by ourselves!!.


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