Voting be made fun and broadly engaged

Posted by Jagteshwar Singh
August 16, 2017

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Elections are the biggest festival of democracy and therefore it needs to be celebrated with great fun and wider participation in an inclusive and interesting manner.Hence it becomes imperative that following efforts must be taken to make it a vibrant and successful .

1.great degree of motivation among the people need to be ignited to make it a successful political festival like our other cultural festivals.

2.Electoral reform must be introduced to make it a simpler one without the need to shift to the place of domicile rather great thought must be put to make it online which additionally bring transparency.

3.voter confidence in the system needs to be illuminated with elimination of electoral malpractices like rigging,use of money muscle power,etc.

4.choice before the electorate need to be broadened with clean image candidates must be encouraged.

5.inclusivity must be promoted with given equal chance for women,disabled,disprivileged sections of society be given consideration.

6.youth which are the greatest asset of our times must be adequately integrated in ticket allocation which repose the faith of more youth in the system and also it brings speed in the process along with New and Creative thinking. be made compulsory but not through force but through volunteerism and encouragement.

8.suggestions and advices must be encouraged at the local to compile a repository of people aspiration and expectations which have a multiplier effect .

Thus it can be reasonably concluded that if we follow the election process in it’s spirit with the scope for simplification,transparency,inclusivity,ethical nature  then no power on planet Earth can prevent India to become a SUPER POWER.

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