Voting..The Next Big Issue Of INDIA

Posted by shivam agarwal
August 13, 2017

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Next big thing,.. that is The problem of todays world is that every citizen of the is not voting.. It is mainly because of lack of time or it does not have a voting id or doesn’t want to create one..We can surely solve this problem.

One way is ..”What if we associate every facebook user must have a voter id…” That is we can implement such function that associate every facebook user must have a voter id to use a facebook because these days even if we take into account even the people who are below poverty line exists on facebook. If we want some indian site we can take example of Indian Railway “” where almost 2/3rd or more of the population in india have a account on..

In this way we already give millions or billions of user who are already eligible for net voting system registered on facebook or irctc.. Since facebook is the biggest addiction these days, it will force user to create voter id…same for the irctc site because now days nobody wants to buy ticket from the ticket window…

The Biggest Advantage of this will be.. For internet voting we just need to a pop up message on the voting day on the screen of the user through javascript where on one click leads to voting cause probably on most pc facebook account is already logged in.. because we see in todays world at least once in a day, every user associated with facebook log in into his/her account.. and this can be the advantage on the voting day..Also we can access it from anywhere in the world..

And Also for aged people who are very far from facebook and all… we can help them to take their vote by an sms directly send on to their respective mobile no. Here just the flash message pops up in which a user just have to reply with numbers (1,2,3…)..

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