WCORP rings the inhouse cafeteria culture to the city.

Posted by Steaming Mig
August 13, 2017

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‘Working smart doesn’t cut it out anymore. Working hard and smart have to go hand in hand in the prevalent age. We realise that especially the future of business, young entrepreneurs give their all they can every day to reach something and we are here to ensure they stay refreshed.’ 

The café stands to be the city’s first inhouse office cafeteria and is located at S.PACE Co Working Area and hence is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. ‘The cafeteria was officially launched on the 12th of this month and we’ve come up with splendid engagement programs for our customers. We are also planning to come up with a café for the public as well but it will stay in our cards till November for now’ states Mehul Dhingra (CEO, WCORP Ventures and Partner, Steaming Mug). He adds, our major focus is on nutrition, quality, service and have trained our team for over two weeks to adhere to the standards that we have established. I hope it turns out to be a delight for our customers.

The cafeteria is focused to cater people who are hooked in work for as long as duty calls and hence the menu is designed keeping that in mind. It is a balance of health-conscious dishes and a little bit of indulgence. From oats to muffins, the point is to keep one energised yet healthy. The two most interesting things about the café which can be termed as out of the box are that the cafeteria plans to introduce the lunch subscription culture as well to city and secondly also pledges to value the importance of food. If by the end of the day anything is left, it will never be stored or thrown away, instead the team plans to give it the less fortunate through a well established channel.

Taytil Singh (CEO, S.PACE) adds “Next month we are completing our one year of service, we wanted to do something for our clients. He Adds “When Mehul brought this idea do me I didn’t gave a second to think and said Yes, the only matter of concern was the food should be healthy and tasty. “


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