How can voting Be made more fun and engaging for youth.

Posted by sakshi bansal
August 12, 2017

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Being an 18 year old millennial i think i can give an appropriate answer to this question.

First of all the target should rather be election campaign rather than the actual voting, because if the people are impressed they will turn out to vote.
In this generation there is a dearth of individuals who are interested enough in reading long election related debates in newspaper, we rather see snippets of news on our mobile phones.
So social media such as Facebook, twitter should be main area of focus for election campaign. We are not falling for your fake promises either, tell us what all changes you bought in last few years and what all you plan to do.
These should be as concise as possible and should be catchy enough.
Given the immense popularity of memes, why not make election related memes, or perhaps a YouTube podcast with great politicians. This sure will capture the interest of maximum youth.

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