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What Young India Needs, Slam Poetry On The Educational System

Posted by Abdul Rahman
August 4, 2017

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Dear Mr Prime Minister,

Although My Vote Doesn’t Count,
I Believe I Have The Right To Talk,
I’m The Future That You Look Forward To,
I’m The Foundation You’re Trying To Create.
I Would Like To Speak, For The Future.

I Believe I’m An Educated Man,
I’ve Been Through 14 Years Of Schooling And Still Counting.
But Before I Go On And Get Educated Further,
I’d Like To Ask A Few Questions That No Teacher Ever Answered, Stay With Me, Don’t Skip The Foreword.

After 14 Years Of Formal Education,
I Wondered, Although My Questions Were Never Encouraged In Classes, I Went On And Asked Myself This Question : What Is Education?
I Looked Up On Google From Which I’ve Learnt More Than Any School Have Ever Taught Me And It Defined Education As : “The Process Of Receiving Or Giving Systematic Instruction, Especially At A School Or University.”
Ain’t Google Right Most Of The Time?
Either Way, It Didn’t Fail Me This Time.
I Was Instructed All The While, The Best Years Of My Life, Instructed, Never Taught To Be Independent Or Think Independent.
Yet My English Teacher Told Me That I Lacked “Creativity, Creative Thinking And Individuality”,The Irony.

Which Brings Me To My First Question,
How Do You Understand The Quality Of A Product?
The Initial Answers Include, Putting Through Laboratory Tests, Understand The Quality Of Products Used In Making Of The Final Product And It Goes On.
But Literally, To Truly Understand The Quality Of Each Product That Is Created For The Masses Is To Ask Its Bearers, The Customers.
You Conduct Endless Surveys On Various Things With Literacy Rate Being One.
With All Due Respect, Let Me Ask You,
Have You Ever Asked Us, The Bearers, The Students That If We’re Happy Learning These Subjects Which Engulfed Quarter Of Our Lives?
I Don’t Mean To Initiate A Debate, I Only Need Answers, We Only Need Answers.

Let’s Take Another Survey,
How Many Of The Students Graduating From Grade 12, From The Institutions That Hold Your Policies And Curriculums High Could Speak Fluent English? A Subject That Is Mandatory In Most Of The Modern Schools Up Until That Same Grade. If Not Mandatory, It Should Be. I Don’t See Another Side Of The Argument.
Coming Back, If You Take The Numbers, You’ll Be Disappointed.
Does That Mean 14 Years Of Learning A Language Isn’t Sufficient To Equip Us With Basic Conversational Skills Or Be A Master Of That Subject? Same Goes With Basic Mathematics And Sciences. Why?
I Only Need Answers.
How Many Of Them, The Educated,
Know About Human Rights? How Many Of Them Are Actually Aware Of Their Fundamental Rights? Voting Systems? Political Parties, Reforms, Paying Taxes, Money, Finance, Credibility, Basic History, Basic Healthcare And List Could Go On For Another 100 Miles.
Oh And Don’t Claim That You Educated Us With All Of These In Social Sciences,
Because All I Remember From Social Science Class Is Endless Hours Of Cramming, Not Learning, Not Understanding. We Were Put Up With Way Too Many Things At Once, Some Of Them Outdated. We Had No Time To Stand, Stare And Question. We Ran Behind Academic Success And Yet Everything On My List Is So Simple That Every Educated Man Should, Must Know. But We Don’t Know.
Yet We Are “Educated.”

When Questioned Why We’re Not A Developed Country Yet, I’ve Heard People Say That We Lack Resources.
But I’ve Learnt That The Best Resource On This Planet Is The Human Resource, The People.
Which Pulls Me To My Question Number 2, Why Are We Not Developed Besides Being The Second Most Populated Country In The World? Why Are All The Best Men From Our Country Go To Other Countries To Serve Them? Do We Lack Stage To Endeavour Potential? Is It That Hard A Thing To Do? Is It Harder Than Sending Satellites And Creating Technology?
Why Are We Being Selected To Higher Institutions Solely On Basis Of Our Academics? Does That Mean Being Bad At Foundational Subjects Make Up A Bad Student? Aren’t We Led By Leaders Who Lack The Exact Same Foundation? Yet We Emphasis So Much On Higher Education. Did All Of These Leaders Give Their Best To Be In These Positions? To Earn Such Good? Money And Fame?
I Lost Track Of The Question Numbers,
Just Like In Those Endless Standardized Tests That Claim To Determine My Future And Success.

Hold On, Leave The Basic Emphasis, The Leaderships, Let’s Move On. Questions Yet To Be Answered.
After All The Debts, Countless Classes And Pointless Learning, These Institutions Even Failed To Create A Proper Workforce. Your Own Surveys Shows That The Unemployment Rate Is Higher, In fact Highest In The Last 5 Years
With Countless Number Of People Leading Very Basic Lives, A Lot Them Being Graduates Who Passed Your Test That Claimed To Qualify Them For Work. Why? Questions Should Be Answered. I’m The Future. I Need Answers.
We’re The Future.

With So Much Advancement In Technology,
Why Is Our Educational System Still Left Unchanged?
Why Do I Have To Go Through A Board, To Be Specific, The Central Board Of Secondary Education Who Puts Memorizing Above Learning. Grades Above Potential, Ideas, Creative Thinking, Hard Work And Vision? Same Goes With A Lot Of Other Boards And Their Curriculums.
Why Are We So Information Centric In The World Of Smart Phones Where Everything Is Available Under A Click Or A Touch? Why Are We Put In A Rat Race? Why Are We Being Told To Equip Ourselves With Things That Hold No Value In The Practical World? Yet You Call It Basic Education. Why Are We Denied Jobs After 18 Years Of Education? Why Are We Not Aware Of The Modern Jobs? Why Are We Not Having Enough Liberalised Educational Institutes? Why Are Denied Choice, To Learn Subjects That We Like To Learn? Why Every Talent Is Not Given Equal Importance In A World Where Success Could Come From Anything? Why Are We Creating A Workforce When We Clearly Need More Entrepreneurs And More Job Openings? Why Are…..

You’re Searching For Answers Isn’t It? It Sure Does Need A Change Sir. Please Review Our Curriculum. We Can Create The Best Country In The World With Magnificent Institutions. The Best Minds, The Best People. The Heaven On Earth. All It Takes Is A Step, A Bold Step. A Reformation. It’s Up To You, The One With Power.
After All, I’m Just An Educated Man.
We’re All Just Educated Men,
But We Compose About Quarter Of This Country.

The Second Definition Of Education On Google Goes : ” An Enlightening Experience “
We Need That Education. To Enlighten Young India And To Create Legacy And History.

Thanking You,
With Love,

– Abdul Rahman
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