What’s “Dating” Your relationship?

Posted by Ritwick Hota
August 27, 2017

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Being a part of the youth, I’m hooked on to the Social Media. For example, If you aren’t on Facebook, you’re considered to be living under a rock. If you haven’t updated your status on Instagram when you visit some place fancy, or buy something expensive, or even eat something that looks great, you’re labelled “Uncool and Boring”. If you haven’t got a streak on Snapchat.. Oh wait, we’re “boycotting” Snapchat aren’t we?

While the concept of these apps, and sites are innovative and definitely creative, let’s see where it’s brought us. Because I’ve taken time off from everything, only to revaluate where I’ve come. And it’s brought me to this aspect, my relationships. When you read the word “relationships”, I know, you’ve painted an image of a potential or your current girlfriend/ boyfriend in your head, and although there’s more to that word, that’s the one I’m referring to.

If you’re reading this article, I’m pretty sure, you’re on WhatsApp too, it’s kinda obvious. Ever wondered, why your friends who’re dating, or even you who’s been in relationships, broke up so quick? Maybe it’s because you’re going overboard with what you have.

Coming back home, from your school or college, where you spent a good amount of time with them, and then sitting down in your jammies, and texting away on multiple platforms, for hours, till both of ya’ll are tired, and exhausted, and have to sleep, only so that you don’t dose off in your college. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s this, don’t you think?

Take a simple example. Let’s say you’re craving for a piece of chocolate, and I give you that chocolate, once a month. You’re going to value every bite, only because you’ve waited 29 days for those 15 minutes. Now assume, I give you that chocolate once a day, everyday. Are you still going to value it? For sure. But are you going to value it as much as the first scenario? Nope. So on and so forth, Law of Diminishing Utility, in short.

The more you have of something, the faster, it’s value will burn out. While it’s true for anything and everything, it’s true and natural for everyone as well.

Then comes, the hottest new addition to your Social media feeds, memes. For the most part of your relationship, you show your love by tagging one another in memes. Memes are pretty funny, no doubt, but we’ve surpassed that phase of moderation, and that’s really scary. But there must be a reason, why we have surpassed that. Take a look at the concept of memes for a second. Why’re they so popular? It’s simple- Because they’re relatable. And a lot of them contain so much emotion, that if you ever took a chance, went out for a walk with one you “love”( actually, like) , and told them that in person, it would result in a happier, healthier relationship. But what do you do? You just tag that person sitting in the comfort of your bed, being lazier than ever, unwilling to accept, that you’re becoming a little more isolated with every passing minute.

How many times have you sat at a friend’s place in a group and all of you’ve taken out your phones, only to update your status, or see what your other friends are upto?
I’m able to say this, because I’m a part of this, myself. I’ve zoned out more than ever, and honestly, not having any human interaction towards, the end of it, is somewhere we all are slowly heading. Our ability, to reach out to one another, without using our phones, is becoming a slow impossibility.

So give it a thought, and revaluate where you’re heading, and if you want a happily ever after, learn to create a little distance from the one you’re in a relationship with.  And while I realised it, I want you to too. Because at the rate we’re going, we’re going to remain unstable, uncertain, and lost, and words like “trust”, “love” and statements like “standing the test of time”, will only appear in fantasies.  So at the end of reevaluating this aspect, I can sum it up as “Started from the bottom, now we’re underground.”


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