When a birth place of god become a blood sheed

Posted by Ashwin Bhat
August 13, 2017

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As usual i wake up from the bed with a fierce sound of the police van which fluttered my mind.I heard the communal violence in the heart of the city near manglore. which i already mentioned in the tittle. violence I am not tolerating or criticizing any communal party. The violence caused by the religious quarrel.but in the way of huminity manner it is quite incur news to the society.

everyday i often to noticing the transgression by the people which tends to disturb the society.It is solely a uncultured manner of a person or a community of the people. Whenever a person or a people killing or contending each other relentlessly. It characterize the appearance of the people. For the progression  of community or society certain aspect is require. A healthy culture must and should followed by the people or and community.Till that time the society or a party become in the same position.

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