when should we feel that we are safe while traveling eating food?

Posted by pooja agarwal
August 21, 2017

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Dear Mr. Modi We really respect you and i voted for the very first tym in my 29 years of age and still we are hopeless.
Please give us a assurance that whatever had happen with Utkal Express Derailment it ll never be repeated in future.fire all the staff of railway who so ever is responsible for this disaster. No one effected from any incident. But please tell us how can we feel safe?

If i would talk about vegetable they all are harmful as we are getting news that farmers are using harmful chemicals to grow them Same as with Fruits.

Means whatever we eat that is full of chemical and harmful for human body.

When it comes to travel part that is also not safe now a days.Trains got derailed , buses got accident so much. “Kahi jaye koi ya nahi jaye or kuch khaye koi ya nahi khaye”?  

If i talk about Job then it is also very difficult to survive in corporate world if you would not sacrifice you would not get promotion. if you would not bettering to you manger n partner people will not considered your work.or Govt to milne se rahi.

i mean what the hell is going in India? I voted because i believed that things will get change and people will improve their thinking towards work or everything but everything is getting worst day by day.

it seems like everybody is running in a oposit direction of Mr. Narendra Modi. Vo desh sudharna chahte hai or log unka ulta karna chahte hai. kya kare i m really scared and not feel safe here.

Request you to Mr. Narendra Modi ji  please sort it out everything and please make everyone comfortable that they are safe and no one has face n bear the partiality anywhere.

please focus on travel part too.

Sorry if i have written something extra or wrong.


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