Why all on internet

Posted by Sushma Chaturvedi
August 22, 2017

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Well, before I start I want to draw the readers attention towards a vedio that has gone viral about a kid who is not ready to do his/her work.

The question is to which world we’re living in. We have made a kids childish tantrums a tool to publicity. We have made this internet a publicity stage  to post whatever we like and gain viewers. In case some celebrity tweets over it or comments over it than it comes out to be a lottery.people notice your post. News channels start to make story about the episode and in a small span of time you become the star of the internet world.

Let us change the phenomena of this fake publicity stunt.let the society move on to it’s natural pace. We must learn to quench the thrist of popularity at any cost else our lives will become an open book to one and all . can’t we imagine that how we used to give surprises to our near and dear once but if we go on posting each and every thing on internet we could find ourselves in a world where no surprise would wait for you because all has gone viral so our feelings and emotions.

Let this world be free of all pomp and show. Let a child be a child . Don’t make the innocence a publicity stunt.



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