Why are we afraid to take help

Posted by Neha Mishra
August 22, 2017

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Last Sunday, while volunteering for Camp Diaries, as part of one of our exercises, I came across a reality check. As a society, we have become so reluctant in taking help from people. 

As part of the exercise we, the volunteers, roamed around in groups in a community and asked people if they would like to get some help for any of the things that they were doing. Initially, when the task was given, we thought it would be really easy. But no, after roaming around for almost an hour we hardly got two people let us help them! Two people out of so many people that we approached. People at first were not ready to accept the fact that we are ready to help without asking anything in return. They looked puzzled as to how someone can help without any purpose. 

The exercise was small but it definitely left all of us, the volunteers, in a great introspection. Why have we as a society become so reluctant in taking help? Why is that, getting help from a stranger is always a questionable thing? Why it is hard for us to consider someone helping us without any purpose? Why trusting someone has become such a tough task? Where are we heading as a society?

We are losing the bond of humanity in this era of technology. All of us are so confined in our own spaces that we are forgetting the basic values. We restrain ourselves from helping anyone in need. The time when money has become a priority all of us are lacking the emotions. Emotions of connecting with people. We are connected with far off people by many social media platforms but the connection with the neighborhood is losing. 

This reluctance can only be removed once we all start helping people. When helping people for no reason becomes a regular practice is when the trust can be retained. We don’t need to change the whole world, all we need is to start helping people for no reason regularly.  


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