why do u love me?”

Posted by Neha Samant
August 13, 2017

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One day when She was sitting alone…
Death came to her and whispered,
“why do u love me?”.
She – when did I loved u?
Death – u don’t love ur life means u love me.
She- no not at all .. I love my life.
Death- then why aren’t u living it?
She- obviously yr I’m living.. Can’t u see?
“The meaning of living does not mean just breathing”
N U r breathing…. just breathing.

Then Life came and said,
U r jealous of me.. bcoz she loves me not u.

Death- I don’t believe on just words but rather on realization.
I can feel.. she is not alive from inside.. she is dead somewhere.. she wants to injoy u but don’t able to do…Or forget the way or she just believes that other people r the reason of her living.. not she herself.
Life – she will learn over time.
First u leave her alone otherwise she will be afraid of u.
Death – I’m not something that can be scared. Bcoz I’m certain…
“Death is not the thing to be scared,
Until one don’t understand the meaning of death one underestimate the velue of life”.
Life- what do u wanna prove?

Death- nothing just nothing I did not come here to prove anything I just wanna taught her that I’m certain ..one day I’ll definitely come to her with all of my grace N then nothing will stop me.. so stop loving me, stop thinking about the Things which r certain..N do something for the things which r uncertain… Like she herself.

“Death isn’t in ur hand, but your life is”.

So be the owner of your life not a slave…

“He who won the life, no matter how it is,
Won the death, no matter how it will be”.

  • Neha Samant

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