Why I Am Always The Right And Rightest One

Posted by Immaa_ali
August 12, 2017

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You roam around the world, if not the world, your own country, your vicinity, everywhere you meet and interact people whom you don’t share the same opinion with. The individualized tendency changes with the place and time, as before advent of science and technology everything used to happen by the will of God(you know what I mean right?) there was no cause and effect theory at that time working upon it. Sometimes it changes by advent of some other things like reformation while sometimes it changes by the curiosity. Whatever may be the reason behind its happening, one thing has always been prevalent mainly after 20th centuary, and that thing some people say breeds from extremism of an ideology some say it is excessive exposure to a community and their fundamentals. One thing is very clear and certain that it brings intolerance in the society. You would have hardly noticed someone saying that “for me what you think matters despite contradiction” unless they are compaigning for the elections in India. Why is it very hard for us to drop the fierce debate and say okay we may have different opinions on this topic let’s leave it aside, why we are so hesitant to say sorry even when we think we are right. Why can’t we admit that everyone has different mindset so they are differently right in their own. Why we are hell-bent to impose our beliefs upon others no matter they are willing to take it or not. Why is this so? If we introspect and try to figure out rootcause of this I-am-always-right-attitude we see around us floating different ideologies most of which are prevalent misconceptions for us, it varies person to person depending upon initial programming and upbringing of a person since he or she came to their senses. We think others would do good to us while we don’t do good to them, why don’t we involve Karma at least for some damn reason in it. Some people are very low at self-acceptance or they are blind folded to blend the reality the way they want to see it. 

In the realm of social networking sites when the geographical gap is narrowing and turning the world into a global village. It is very important for us to understand that now people don’t suscribe to views printed in books and newspapers, now everybody wants to have their own opinion about everything and internet gives them the platform to express it the way they want it. In such an era where every person individually acquires a thought process which they want to concretize their beliefs, ideas and thoughts within their range of aspects. With a huge space that we have today bigger than universe is internet which is also expanding like the universe, it is very important to take the responsibility to deal with so many thoughts and ideas in abundance at the same time. One reason why people are stick to internet these days is so that they now have a place less with any kind of difference and discrimination while on real grounds we have almost every type of discrimination followed by rasicism, casteism and communalism. Although we tend to see the same discrimination on internet grounds but we feel less insulted on internet than on the tangible world that is one of the reasons why people are using internet overnight to express themselves. 

I think it is, person to person, our duty to respect any other content written or verbal, approving or disapproving and if not respect at least develop a sense of tolerance within us cause it is not the one as an individual this planet is there, it is we, the all of us, by which and for which it is there.

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