Posted by Vardaan Parashar
August 21, 2017

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Getting your heart broken is certainly not the best feeling in the world. Interestingly, so many poignant posts on social media say loudly enough that we’ve not had successful relationships. While some are really cool about their past and move on quickly, most of us tend to cling too much to our past affecting our present life terribly. So, here I would try to explain why it is important to make peace with your past and let go off the baggage of failed relationships.

“I wish my ex meets with an accident” “I am sure they will regret dumping me” “They will never find peace in life” “I hate my ex”. These are some common words we use for describing our past relationships.

Is it justified to devote so much of your precious time to someone who doesn’t even care whether you are living or not? How logical it is to curse somebody repeatedly without any positive outcome? Is your negative feeling towards your ex making your life any better? The answer to these questions is a loud NO.

As they say “eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”, or simply, the answer to negativity isn’t negativity it is positivity. Only love has the capacity to erase hatred. Detesting someone whom you sincerely loved is one of the most painful and contradicting tendencies. The scars of our past cannot be lightened if we keep on digging them again and again. Instead, accepting the existence of our scars will help us make peace with them, showing the right way forward.

Following this example I have developed a positive feeling about my ex girlfriend despite getting dumped by her at my most vulnerable time. I have chosen to see the positives she had brought in my life and I try to remember all the happy moments we have spent together. How can I wish ill for the person I have loved so much? Even though she is not in my life anymore, I wish for her success and happiness. This attitude not only gives me inner peace but also gives me a sense of pride that I am a better human. I can now focus on my goals without having to constantly think about her. And, my life has certainly improved since she has gone. I now remember the lessons she taught me and have plenty of time to think about myself. Whenever I miss her, I try to recall pleasurable times over the turbulent ones. I have made peace with my past for the sake of my future. Can you do the same?

In a lighter vein, I remember Aamir Khan advising Ajay Devgan that women are like bus and train, if one goes, the other will certainly be around the corner. And, who knows you might just get lucky to find a Volvo bus instead of the ordinary one. I am sure a similar theory holds true for men too!


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