Why so regressive ?

Posted by Abhimanyu Varadharajan
August 9, 2017

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“Stalking” shouldn’t be mistaken as a mere annoyance or a harmless mischeif. It is in fact an act that is a gateway crime that often leads to larger crimes ranging from acid attack to rape. The son of Haryana state BJP president has been accused of stalking and kidnapping a woman on friday night. The event has invited multiple responses and the response from one of the BJP member shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone with a hint of brain. 

BJP deputy president Ramveer Bhatti responding to the news said ” the girl should not have gone out at 12pm in the night” He further goes on to raise a question on why she was allowed by her parents, who’s responsibility is to ensure that their daughters come home on time and not roam around late at night. These are words you would expect from a misogynist layman, but such words coming  from the mouth of a top government official brings to light all that is wrong with our politicians today. Is the current government promoting regressiveness in our society ? I consider the answer to that as a no brainer. Here is why.

Escaping scrutiny : The BJP way

Politicians are representives of the people and hence are answerable to us. However, the current government has found an effective method to shield from scrutiny. This simple and full proof method involves responding to a question with an irreleveant counter question.  

Question : Since 2010, 97 % of beef related violence took place after Modi government came to power. How do you respond to that ?

Irrelevant counter question: Where were you when Mr. X who was a Hindu was lynched in territory Y ?

Question: What do you have to say about the recent stalking case on the son of the BJP party member  ? Is the matter being hushed up as the opposition suggest ?Irrelevant counter question: What was she doing alone at 12 pm? She shouldn’t have been allowed.

Why So Regressive ?

It is saddening that top government representatives have gone on to endorse regressive ideas and made regressive statements. And the lack of action against them is a clear indicator of what is being promoted in our society and what is not. The increased violence and communal disharmony is not a casual co- incidence, but a direct result of a certain environment that is being politically promoted. The performance of the current government in spheres like the economy, trade and commerce are open to scrutiny and debate, however, to me it is a no brainer that the current government has done no good for societal harmony, and nor do they intend to. 


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