Why top IIT graduates study and work around our world?

Posted by Shakti Saran
August 5, 2017

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We have read or heard about how successful IIT graduates can be around our world. We have read or heard about how the many parents in India want their children to study at IITs. Do you wonder why the parents want that for their children?

I know about several IIT graduates who are around our world. One of them stays in a beautiful place in the US and has also bought a vineyard for himself. He studied at Stanford after IIT. He has a company which employs a lot of educated people in Bangalore, India, and also in other places around our world.

During 2015, I had written an article about Bangalore’s severely harmful air pollution when I had visited there for some months https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bangalore-rotting-killing-dying-shakti-saran (you can read it after first reading this article).

Since I had heard a lot about the nice weather of Bangalore, it was very upsetting to experience the high pollution and also the poor traffic and road conditions in general. Around a year later, the highly reputed Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) published a study titled  ‘Bengaluru will be an unliveable, dead city in 5 years’. I would think they took time to conduct a thorough research on what I had felt a year earlier.

Similarly during 2011 I had started sharing about the air quality of Delhi area and how it would become in the years ahead and which we can see now in 2017. A senior law and enforcement officer in Delhi who’s a friend since many years messaged me a news article clipping during 2016 about severe pollution in Delhi and he said that I was sharing about this issue since years ago.

People might perceive issues like severe pollution, bad traffic or poor roads also based what they’ve seen elsewhere in a similar context like Silicon Valley where top quality technology work is done and the many IIT graduates might be working there and in Bangalore where also technology work is done.

People might also perceive the cost of living, growing and enjoying accordingly. If one earns in Silicon Valley or similar areas doing high quality technology work then their earning is most likely much higher than working somewhere in Bangalore doing similar work. Also, their cost of healthcare goes down in Silicon Valley because they don’t have to breathe severely harmful air for years and they’re also highly sure about the food and water quality that they get. I’ve heard including from senior salon professionals in India about people’s hair getting damaged due to water quality and which starts since people are babies in India. Also, good road quality in general reduces the vehicle repair and maintenance expenses over the years and people can buy and enjoy more expensive vehicles. Also, those roads don’t have the highly polluting vehicles giving out lots of thick black diesel smoke on which they or their children, elders and family in general travel daily. Diesel smoke is cancerous according to the World Health Organization.

The person who I mention above is also helping people in his and his wife’s family to study and get better work including in the US. One top IIT graduate is contributing so much by working around our world. It makes great sense why the many Indian parents want their children to study at IITs.

Recently I read that someone who got a top 10 rank in the IIT entrance exam received around a 2 crore scholarship from a top college in the US and so the people who would have first studied at IIT and then around our world might even study around our world from the start and which is even nicer since as humans they’re able to avoid being in very harmful air, much poorer overall infrastructure and even academically in much lower ranked overall environment. Those people are able to display the intellectual capabilities of people born in India and then contribute to our world by maximizing themselves from much earlier on and then perhaps also better help their families and communities and also make people around our world think more positively about India in terms of potential.

I wish more and more quality products, services and investments keep coming to India from around our world. It’s wonderful what our External Affairs Minister recently said about the strong investments and relationship with the US.


I know so many people who’re very wealthy or from strong government backgrounds or highly educated and they or their children are in the US or other parts of our world and they’re having children there. Do you wonder why?

It’s great to be human, I wish us best!


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